This Yamaha Bike's Licence Plate Is So Smol That Even Ant-Man Can't See It

Seriously, what is that? o_o

Cover image via @My_CrimeWatch (Twitter)

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Just when you thought that you have seen every antic at a traffic light junction in Malaysia, the Internet has delivered yet another peculiar sighting

A Malaysian politician officiating a traffic light in front of SK Teluk Kumbar, Penang (top); two boys sitting on top of the back of a vehicle in Johor.

Image via SAYS

This time, it's a Yamaha motorcycle bearing a licence plate that is so small, anybody would have trouble reading it — even after zooming into the photo!

The photos of the motorcycle were first uploaded on Facebook and Twitter last week, and they have been re-uploaded on many meme and traffic info pages.

The first photo, in commendably high resolution, shows a man slouching as he waits on his bike at a traffic light junction.

The second photo shows a zoomed-in photo of his licence plate, and it is barely legible.

"It is this kind of person who will drive madly against the traffic when they see a roadblock and endanger the lives of other road users," wrote @My_CrimeWatch on Twitter

Under the tweet by the popular page devoted to crime prevention, a netizen referenced Marvel Studio's upcoming movie, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, suggesting that the small licence plate is an attempt for the rider to be Ant-Man.

"Is that a licence plate or QR code?" asked another Twitter user.

"This is for the Road Transport Department (JPJ) ant officers only," a person said in jest.

Image via Twitter

JPJ has advised people to report vehicles if they are ever spotted with fancy or confusing number plates:

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