22 Struggles You'll Only Relate To If You Work In An Office

Mondays. UGH.

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1. Ironing clothes first thing in the morning. Sien.

^ If only we could actually get away with this.

2. Traffic is somehow always bad when you have early morning meetings

It's not your fault, sniff.

3. It's only 9am but the emails are already piling up :(

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4. The aircond is always either panas nak mampus or sejuk gila

Always cannot adjust because "central system" haiyo!


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6. Looooooong unproductive "why are we even here?!" meetings

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7. When all the deadlines start piling up at the same time

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8. Cannot get anything done because the Internet is laggy AF

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9. Lunchtime, yay! But no one knows where to eat...

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Have to resort to some diplomatic creative measures like picking places from a box. Or else confirm will take forever to decide.

10. Getting terrible neck and back aches from being hunched over your desk all day...

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11. ...and also headaches from staring at the computer screen all day

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12. Why does the printer never seem to work properly?!

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No ink lah, low toner lah, paper jam lah!

13. You hope there's no one spreading germs today

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And then YOU start sneezing the next day.

14. Somebody took your food from the fridge... AGAIN!

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Even labeling it doesn't help.

15. So you guard your snack stash with your life

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16. It's always somebody's birthday!

17. Your stationery always "mysteriously" disappears

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18. That one colleague who doesn't realise how bising they are

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It's like they're in their own world where they think no one can hear their foot tapping/desk drumming/chair squeaking.

19. The toilet is always in bad shape 5pm onwards

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20. It's 6pm and the pantry sink looks like this

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Is it really THAT hard to clean up after yourselves?

21. When an urgent email comes in just as you're about to FINALLY balik...

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22. you end up having to OT :(

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What other struggles do you go through at the office? Let us know in the comments section below!

Office workers definitely should take note:

Eeeee so creepy!

The lunch break struggle is too real: