Team 1U Or Team Sunway: Malaysians Debate Which Mall Is Easier To Navigate

This writer is on neither team because she still gets lost in both. :D

Cover image via One World Hotel & Wikipedia

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A debate on which shopping mall is easier to navigate recently sparked on Twitter and many Malaysians are now split into two teams: Team One Utama (1U) or Team Sunway Pyramid.

Let's hear what both teams have to say:

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Team 1U

Image via One World Hotel

In this corner, Team 1U is of the opinion that the second-largest mall in Malaysia is relatively easy to navigate as it is more or less built like a rectangle, and therefore, the floor plan is simple to figure out.

In terms of Sunway Pyramid, Team 1U has said that the mall is convoluted like a web, and some say they get lost in the mall every time they visit it. Some even described it as a maze.

"1 Utama is so straightforward. I swear [Sunway] Pyramid is cursed," one netizen commented in the Twitter thread.

Even a tourist from Singapore said that they were able to easily navigate 1U after spending just one morning there.

Image via Twitter

Team Sunway Pyramid

Image via Wikipedia

On the other side, many on Team Sunway Pyramid have said that the mall is more shaped like a circle and wherever you go, you'll always be able to navigate yourself back to your starting point.

On top of that, they also said that Sunway Pyramid is equipped with updated floor directories everywhere around the building, unlike 1U's outdated ones.

"Pyramid's inner layout is almost like an '8', except one side is not connected. That's it," one netizen tried to explain.

"1 Utama's layout is half-Narnia, half neutron star collapse, and gradual degradation of gravity."

Another netizen said that Sunway Pyramid has a mobile app with the mall's directory that is able to direct shoppers around the mall like Waze.

Image via Twitter

One lone netizen was on the fence and rationalised that whoever frequents either mall will have an easier time navigating the building

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Well, it seems like no real conclusion to this debate was reached, so we'll leave it to you to decide if 1U or Sunway Pyramid is easier to navigate.

Here are the floor plans for both shopping malls to help you make a decision:

1U's floor plan.

Image via 1 Utama

Sunway Pyramid's floor plan.

Image via Sunway Pyramid

Meanwhile, this writer over here still resorts to asking the security guards for directions in both malls. :')

GIF below is an accurate reenactment.

Image via @nfl/GIPHY

Malaysians will debate over anything and everything:

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