These Unique Boxer Briefs Are Inspired By Sarawak Batik And They Are Oh So Malaysian!

Absolutely bootiful.

Cover image via Bartek by DCM/Facebook

A local clothing brand, Bartek by DCM, has recently gained netizens' attention for its unique batik boxer briefs

On Tuesday, September 24, Twitter user @ayrezz_Q wrote, "These boxer briefs are quite nice."

The tweet has since garnered 1,100 retweets and 1,661 likes.

Bartek by DCM claims it celebrates local heritage and culture by retaining traditional designs in all its pieces

Its founder, Shahrulnizam Samawi is a born and bred Sarawakian.

Image via Hangat

He told SAYS that the idea came when he realised that it was difficult to find boxer briefs with interesting designs, what more those with local motifs.

The 30-year-old fashion designer feels that it's just another way to promote tradition through fashion.

He said, "This way, batik isn't just confined to being used for formal shirts and dresses. Now it's created into something more modern and pratical."

These boxers are almost too pretty to just wear on the inside

Some of the motifs on the boxer briefs are inspired by the Pua Kumbu, a multicoloured ceremonial cloth used by Iban people in Sarawak.

Meanwhile, other designs are inspired by the Malay songket and also 'Pucuk Paku', a pattern that is commonly used in traditional Malay fabrics.

Warning: The following photos are slightly NSFW

You might want to scroll really fast or at least wait until your boss isn't around.

Image via Bartek by DCM
Image via Bartek by DCM
Image via Bartek by DCM
Image via Bartek by DCM

Netizens absolutely love the idea and are eager to get their hands on it

A Twitter user wrote, "I want three! Omg! It is so nice!"

Another netizen said, "Take all of my money. All of it."

"Can I wear it outside my pants? Then I can show off," asked a netizen.

These boxer briefs retail for RM65 each and can be purchased both online and offline

You can buy yourself a pair through its Instagram, @bartekbydcm, or visit the showroom in Kuching, Sarawak.


Lee Ling Heights,
Batu 6 1/2,
93250 Kuching,

Opening Hours:
9AM-5PM (Daily)

This self-taught baker also uses batik motifs in a creative way:

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