Emotional Support Cat Receives Honourary 'Doctor of Litter-ature' At University In Vermont

Purr-fession: Doctor.

Cover image via Vermont State University (Facebook)

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This is Max, and he's been bestowed the honourary degree of "Doctor of Litter-ature" at the Vermont State University's Castleton campus for his friendliness

According to the university's post on social media, the tabby has been deemed "the emotional support animal" to both the faculty and students, cheering up students especially during stressful weeks nearing their finals.

"Max the Cat has been an affectionate member of the Castleton family for years.

"With a resounding purr of approval from the faculty, the Board of Trustees of the Vermont State Cat-leges has bestowed upon Max Dow the prestigious title of Doctor of Litter-ature, complete with all the catnip perks, scratching post privileges, and litter box responsibilities that come with it," the caption reads.

The beloved feline lives with his human mum, Ashley Dow, on the street that leads to the main entrance to the campus

For the last four years, Max has been the purr-veyor of good vibes, venturing to the university campus and hanging out with the students.

He'll even let you pick him up for cuddles or a selfie. Dow says Max likes to ride around on students' backpacks and pose as a subject for the college photography class.

"He even likes to go on tours with prospective students that meet at a building across from the house", Dow said.

Max won't be attending the Class of 2024 graduation ceremony, though

Instead, his degree will be delivered to Dow at their home.

Disappointing news. :/

It would've been cute to see Doctor Max paw his way onto the stage to get his degree.

They love him so much that they made a graduation ad just for him.

Image via @vermontstate_castleton (Instagram)

In 2023, this feline friend at UTM earned his PhD in meowing:

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