TikToker Says People Should Visit M'sia Instead Of S'pore Because "It's 10 Times Better"

"Singapore has very little culture," the TikToker claimed.

Cover image via @zakattackcalii (TikTok)

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Recently, an 18-year-old American living in Thailand and making TikTok videos of his travels around Southeast Asia said people who want to visit Singapore should explore Malaysia instead

The TikToker, @zakattackcalii, who has almost 120,000 followers, ranked Singapore as the "worst" of the seven Southeast Asian countries he has visited in the last five months.

According to him, there's nothing to do in Singapore.

"I do not recommend it. The reason is there was, like, nothing to do in Singapore besides walk around and see a few things, but Singapore is just so small," he said in a TikTok video posted on Sunday, 26 May.

He said while the people he met in Singapore were "pretty nice", that there were others who were "super rude", such as the service staff at Marina Bay Sands, the city-state's most iconic landmark.

"When I went up to the big, huge tower, it's called Marina Bay Sands or whatever, the waiters and waitresses were just super rude. Like, they were just not kind at all," the TikToker claimed.

Comparing Singapore to Disneyland "because everything in Singapore is perfect", the TikToker stated that Singapore has "very little culture"

The lack of culture in Singapore did not meet his vibes.

"I like to go to a country that has a lot of culture and I try to embrace myself in it," he explained.

The American teen then said those thinking about travelling to Singapore should instead visit Malaysia, which he ranked fourth on the list

"If you are someone who wants to go to Singapore, go to Malaysia. It is very similar but like, Malaysia is 10 times better, with like, culture, better food, better buildings," the 18-year-old said to his viewers.

He also said he loves Malaysia because Kuala Lumpur is "very walkable".

According to him, Malaysia is very underrated, despite being more "well put together" than Thailand.

While some agreed with his assessment, with one claiming, "I'm Singaporean and I agree with you", others observed that the American teen appeared to rate the countries he visited based on affordability

Watch his TikTok here:


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