Cat That Gives No Crap About Kids Covering It With Leaves Is Me As 2022 Nears

New level of unbothered. T_T

Cover image via Veronica JL Ng (Facebook)

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When you've been through enough in life, you reach a level of zen that nothing, and I mean NOTHING, can affect you.

Not even a couple of kids.

Take this cat, for example, that recently went viral for being utterly unfazed by what was happening to it.

A woman in Singapore was in shock for a split moment when she found her community cat lying completely still on the ground like a corpse covered in leaves

Veronica JL Ng, who works at PetReview, wrote that she drove over to give the cat some love.

To her surprise, she found what she thought was a 'crime scene' instead.

"Fortunately, he moved!" she wrote in a Facebook post that has been shared over 800 times since yesterday, 20 December.

She said that there were two kids placing leaves on and around him for the sweetest reason.

"They told me that it may rain and the cat may get cold. So they make a house which are the leaves around Mr Kitty and blanket to keep him from the cold which are the leaves on him. (sic)"

Touched by their act of kindness, she decided to stay on and have a chat with the girls, while telling them that the cat's name is Precious and sharing several stories about him

One of the girls said she felt that there were not enough leaves for the cat and informed Ng that she was going to look for more. 

While all this was going on, Precious just laid there completely chill about it all.

"I love children who love to do nice things for cats and dogs. This really made my Monday!!!" Ng wrote in the post.

We don't know if Precious was simply basking in all the attention or just couldn't be bothered. Either way, we stan an accommodating cat!

Check out her full Facebook post below:

Meet Bob, a Malaysian cat who's also pretty accommodating... sometimes:

Cats really don't give a crap at times and we can't help but love them:

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