[VIDEO] When You Need A Last-Minute Date To Your Best Friend's Wedding...

"I'll choose you!"

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You've got it all... a good career, your own gorgeous place, a fancy car... but it's your best friend's wedding this weekend and you don't have a date AAAHHH HOWWW?!

Watch the video below to see how to snag yourself a date in the nick of time:

First up, post an Insta story announcing that you're looking for a date! What better way is there to get everyone's attention? #genius

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V/O: "But there is one thing that she still doesn't have. A boyfriend. I mean cough I mean a partner, for her best friend's wedding."

But then you have to deal with the endless string of losers who showed up haiyoooooo

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Thankfully, your Prince Charming finally makes an appearance and you're good to go!

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Mary: "I'll choose you! Let's go to the wedding!"

V/O: "Uhhh, I... did I mention the wedding was this weekend? Turns out it's TODAY!"

Right before the wedding, you suddenly realize that YOU POSTED THE WRONG THING ON INSTA WAHLAOOOO GG

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V/O: "Harrrrrr, aiyo, like this also can?! How are you going to get out of this now?"

Feeling bad for the mix-up, you invite your date up to your place and he ends up totally blown away by how gorgeous it is! Could this be the start of something new? *starts daydreaming*

Image via SAYS (YouTube)

Wedding date: "Wow, this is a view I really don't mind waking up to."

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