Our Lives Have Definitely Changed Since Pokemon GO Was Launched In Malaysia...

By how much? Let us count the ways.

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1. "What do you wanna eat?"

BEFORE: "I don't know, anywhere lah." *sigh*

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2. Eggs and their impact on your daily life

BEFORE: Eggs are for eating. Fried, scrambled, poached, hardboiled... you name it, they're all delicious.

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AFTER: Eggs are for hatching Pokemon. You'd even walk or drive around aimlessly just to hit the 10KM mark.

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3. Topics of conversation

BEFORE: "How was your day? Did you hear about...?"

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AFTER: "How many Pokemon did you catch last night? OMG let me show you this Pokemon I caught at Pavilion..."

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4. Pre- and post-sleep rituals

BEFORE: You can't sleep without checking Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram at least once for updates from nobody in particular. Then you wake up and repeat.

AFTER: You can't sleep without checking Pokemon GO in case some new Pokemon pops up and to spin all the PokeStops within range. Then you wake up and repeat.

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5. Driving to places

BEFORE: You used to have Waze - even if you already know the way - to collect points so you have a crown on your avatar.

AFTER: You have Pokemon GO on for the entire journey so you can rack up enough KMs to hatch eggs and maybe collect swag from PokeStops when you're at the traffic light.

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6. Going to the gym

BEFORE: This is the kind of gym you go to... if you even work out, that is.

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AFTER: You go to a different kind of Gym now...

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7. Going to the park

BEFORE: You don't see any reason to go to the park because it's so HOT and there are SO MANY MOSQUITOES and you might step on dog poo because the grass is too tall etc. etc.

AFTER: You go to the park almost everyday because Pokemon trainers are dropping Lures left, right, and centre. Check out 1 Utama's Central Park on the top-left corner!

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8. Running errands on a tight schedule

BEFORE: You go to the mall, get what you need, and leave. Mission accomplished.

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AFTER: You go to the mall, get distracted by the endless supply of Pokemon, and end up not buying the stuff you need because the shops are already closing.

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9. Following your mom to the market in the wee hours of a weekend morning

BEFORE: You'd rather sleep in than wade through a wet, smelly market for hours while you mom picks vegetables and stuff.

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AFTER: You'll jump at any chance to go out, especially when your mom is driving. You can spin all the PokeStop along the way, yesssss!

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10. The necessity of power banks

BEFORE: You don't really need one.

AFTER: Crap, Pokemon GO is a battery drainer. You need a fully-charged power bank - and a super powerful one at that - on hand at all times!

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How has your life changed after Pokemon GO? Let us know in the comments below!

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