[POLL] Which EXO Hottie Takes The Best Selfies?

Can we say ALL OF THEM?

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Sure, they've got all the smooth moves...

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And they serenade in the best of ways...

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But which one of them has THE ultimate selfie skill? VOTE NOW for your favourite EXO member!
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Ready? GO!

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And now, on to the awesome news: you could be on your way to catch EXO in action right here in Malaysia!

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How does winning free tickets to EXO Planet #2 The EXO’luxion sound? Your selfie skills are gonna come in handy, because your stellar self-snaps can earn you an exo-citing night out! Find out more about the contest mechanics here.

In the meantime, do what the EXO boys do best and work on YOUR selfies!

Take as many shots as you need! If you've got the Samsung Galaxy A on-hand, you'd know there's no need to worry about the world's most annoying pop-up:

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Because here's the deal: the new Galaxy A series comes complete with 48GB worth of storage space! That's enough to store up to 16,000 selfies, in case you're wondering ;)

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Ready to selfie to your heart's content at EXO Planet #2?

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Yeah, we thought so! ;)

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