Malaysians Got To Meet Lee Chong Wei & Enjoy Fun Games For 100PLUS World Hydration Day!

It all went down in Pavilion KL.

Cover image via 100PLUS (Provided to SAYS)

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Remembering to keep yourself properly hydrated throughout the day can prove to be easier said than done

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And we get it. With life in full swing, any intention you have of taking adequate sips of water in between daily tasks and activities may not always be fulfilled, more so for busier folks.

The thing is, you'll be able to focus better and give it your all, no matter if it's work or play, when you're well hydrated.

In conjunction with this year's World Hydration Day, 100PLUS recently hosted a fun four-day event, where the brand kept a total of 100,000 Malaysians hydrated

We all know and love 100PLUS for its refreshing taste that is especially welcomed during hot, humid days.

Packed with electrolytes, this beloved beverage is formulated to keep your hydration levels in check, helping you stay focused and energised to give 100% in everything you do.

With big aspirations to make sure you're always on top of your game, 100PLUS reached its aim of keeping a total of 100,000 Malaysians hydrated for World Hydration Day, as a way to increase awareness on the importance of hydration.

Even more exciting was the fact that those who dropped by on 25 June had the pleasure of catching Datuk Wira Dr Lee Chong Wei!

The national icon graced the event on the third day to officiate the launch of Hari Hidrasi Sedunia 100PLUS, which took place from 23 to 26 June in Pavilion KL. There, Lee played an interactive game through a mobile application, linked to the biggest 3D digital billboard in Malaysia.

"I am thrilled that 100PLUS is taking the initiative to highlight the importance of hydrating oneself in such an interesting and engaging manner. Water makes up 60% of the human body, and we tend to lose plenty of water through daily activities that may eventually leave us dehydrated," said Lee.

He added, "I am proud to be a part of Hari Hidrasi Sedunia 100PLUS and I hope that we Malaysians continue to stay hydrated with 100PLUS, so that we can give our 100% in anything we do!"

Other local celebrities also made appearances at the event, including 100PLUS brand ambassador and actor Syafiq Kyle, who had a meet-and-greet session with fans to increase awareness on the importance of staying hydrated.

Besides that, the event also included a full line-up of fun activities and free samples, as well as an informative hydration booth

As an isotonic drink, 100PLUS contains electrolytes to help hydrate faster than water — wonderful for giving you the mental and physical boost to brace through your active lifestyle!

At the event, visitors not only got to learn about hydration, but also sample free 100PLUS as well as win exclusive merchandise by playing interactive games.

Free 100PLUS was also distributed to the public, including people at LRT stations around Kuala Lumpur and Stadium Iskandar JDT.

Check out what went down in the video below:

100PLUS would like to remind all Malaysians to keep yourself properly hydrated throughout the day, so that you can always give your best in whatever you're doing

Visit the #JOM100 website to learn more about #HariHidrasiSedunia100PLUS and how optimal hydration can help you stay focused and energised to bring your A-game anytime, anywhere!

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