5 Hidden Destinations In Japan That Look Stunning And Are Totally Worth The Visit

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While Malaysians often flock to Tokyo, Kyoto and other big cities for holidays, there are many lesser known places in Japan that are just as beautiful as the well-known cities

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Here are some of the best hidden destinations in Japan:

1. Fukuoka

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One of the top 10 cities in Japan, Fukuoka is known for its shopping, nature, and food. In fact, Kurume City (in Fukuoka) is said to be the birthplace of the world famous tonkotsu ramen. Foodies will also get to eat from yatai, traditional mobile food stalls that are rarely found in Japan nowadays.

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You'll be wowed by its nature spots that look like scenes right out from anime movies. At Hiraodaiyou'll find white limestone rocks scattered over green meadows, which is why this place is also known as "flock of sheep field."

2. Hiroshima

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If you enjoy watching leaves turn colours in autumn, you'll have to visit Hiroshima. One spot to enjoy the annual fall foliage is Taishaku-kyo Valley, an 18-kilometre valley created from generations of natural phenomena. While you can walk around the valley and river, a great way to discover this area is through boat tours.

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Of course, you mustn't miss the mystical Itsukushima Shrine, built on water and known for its floating torii gate. Named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996, the shrine along with the towering mountains and aesthetic ocean make for the perfect scenic spot.

3. Nagasaki

Located along the northwest coast Kyushu island, Nagasaki is another hidden gem worth visiting. At Sasebo, you'll find many observatories like Funakoshi Observatory, with breathtaking views of Kujūku Islands, translated as "ninety-nine islands".

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Enjoy a 360-degree view of bright red Chinese lanterns at Minato Koen, a park closeby to Nagasaki's Chinatown. You'll also get to enjoy all kinds of Chinese events on stage, like the dragon dance.

4. Tottori

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Starry, starry nights are a norm when you're in Tottori. The evening skies here are clear and beautiful, which is why Tottori is also known as the prefecture where you can "grab a star!" You can view the stars at the Tottori Sand Dunes, the biggest sand dunes in Japan.

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Uradome Coast is no less spectacular, and is in fact one of the most scenic spots along the Sea of Japan. You can walk along the coastal path, snorkel in the crystal clear waters (during summer), or just admire the coves and coast from afar.

5. Okayama

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Last but not least, Okayama is another beautiful destination with scenic greeneries and old castles. Created roughly 300 years ago, Okayama Korakuen Garden is one of Japan's three great gardens alongside Kanazawa City’s Kenroku-en and Mito City’s Kairakuen.

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Bitchu Matsuyama Castle is one of the 12 castles in Japan with its original tower. From late September to early April, a thick fog surrounds this area, making the castle look like it's floating on a bed of clouds, earning its title "Castle in the Sky".

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