Want A Confidence Boost? This Body Care Range From Adidas Gives You All Day Freshness

Clean and fresh!

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Did you know that in addition to being a go-to sports brand for apparel and gear, Adidas also offers a top-notch body care range?

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Mmhmm, Adidas understands that skin, body, and mind are important assets for athletes, which is why it fuses sports and beauty in a unique way to complement and facilitate active lifestyles.  

The result? A complete personal care line that not only soothes your skin but also helps you be your best self in any situation.

The cool thing about Adidas body care is that it's developed with real-life athletes, who test and review them before products such as shower gels, eau de toilettes, and more are released.

This includes its Adidas Ice Dive range, formulated to keep you on top of your game. ;D

With reviews from professional athletes, the body care products go a long way in protecting under the most extreme conditions, on top of providing exceptional hygiene.

In essence, Adidas created its body care range to help professionals on the field, track, and beyond make a difference in their game, life, and world — and now, with Adidas Ice Dive, you can experience that too.

Here's a closer look at the Adidas Ice Dive range:

1. Inspired by the strength and freshness of the ocean, Adidas Ice Dive Eau de Toilette delivers long-lasting fragrance

Modern and masculine, Adidas Ice Dive Eau de Toilette features a woody and aromatic scent.

With top notes such as mint leaves, grapefruit, lavender, heart notes of geranium and sandalwood, as well as base notes of musk and vanilla, you'll catch a whiff that is intense yet exuding an abundance of freshness.

Just a couple spritzes of Adidas Ice Dive Eau de Toilette, and you're all set for a vibrant and energising day!

2. Formulated with a unique cool and dry formula, Adidas Ice Dive deodorant spray and roll-on provides 48-hour sweat and odour protection

Want to experience all-day freshness and smell good so you can go about your day confidently? Check out this deodorant from Adidas, available as a spray and roll-on!

Sporting a clean, fresh, and ozonic fragrance, both Adidas Ice Dive deodorant types keep sweat and odour at bay for 48 hours! Plus, they're dermatologically-tested, made with zero aluminium salts, and respect your skin's PH levels too.

3. Take care of your body, hair, and face with the dermatologically-tested Adidas Ice Dive shower gel

If you're looking for a refreshing body gel that suits your skin and active lifestyle, look no further than this offering from Adidas.

The Ice Dive shower gel hydrates your body, conditions your hair, and cleanses your face — all packed in one neat little PH-balanced formula, suitable for everyday use. ;)

At the end of the day, Adidas champions the overall positive impact of sports on skin and wellbeing, helping you live your best life

If you'd like to experience the Adidas Ice Dive range for yourself, you can shop for the products on Shopee, Lazada, ZaloraWatsons, and Guardian today!

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