18 Things You'll Definitely Relate To If You've Ever Worked Or Lived In Putrajaya

Alamanda is your second home.

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1. When people find out where you work or live, they always say "wah... so faaaar!"

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2. When you tell them how much you spend on toll and petrol every month

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Only applicable if you live in Putrajaya but work in the Klang Valley, or vice versa :P

3. Alamanda Shopping Centre is your second home

4. You recognise each presint by the fancy street lamp designs

5. There is no traffic

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Rush hour in Putrajaya is like 10 minutes from Presint 14 to Alamanda instead of 3 minutes lol.

6. None of your friends want to drive all the way to visit you

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7. When they do make the journey to Putrajaya, you confirm bring them to the lakeside

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It's free and pretty and great for pictures. What's not to like?!

8. You definitely got lost driving round the biggest roundabout in Malaysia at least once

9. Your date night usually includes bringing your significant other to one of the Insta-worthy bridges

10. Speaking of bridges, your friends always ask “Ooo, is your house near that cool bridge?”

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11. Want to grab a quick bite for lunch? Alamanda.

12. Want to have a nice dinner with family? Alamanda.

13. Going on a date over the weekend? Alamanda.

14. People are shocked to find out there are no gates at houses

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15. Parking is a nightmare if you need to go to any of the ministries like immigration for passport or JPN for IC

16. But it's totally worth it because there are fewer people and you can get errands done really fast!

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17. The ERL is awesome

18. While everyone complains about how far the airport is, you chill because KLIA is less than 20 minutes away

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For real, if you’ve ever lived or worked in Putrajaya, you know that Alamanda Shopping Centre is da bomb!

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It is the heart of Putrajaya, with loads of yummy choices for food, as well as great entertainment and shopping! With over 160 specialty stores, Alamanda Shopping Centre offers both international and local fashion brands.  

When you're feeling hungry, you gotta head to the Esplanade for good food from popular restaurants and cafes!

Check out these good eats the next time you're in Alamanda:

Sink your teeth into a sizzling ribeye steak from NY Steak Shack

Image via Isaac Tan

Indulge in the chocolate brulee cake from Secret Recipe

Image via Secret Recipe

Enjoy the unique coffee art at Black Canyon

Image via Trip Advisor

Share the King Crab Platter with friends at Manhattan Fish Market.

Try the brand new Coco-Cataplana dish at Nando's that combines coconut with the signature PERi-PERi sauce.

Image via SAYS

Treat your sweet tooth to T.G.I. Friday's molten chocolate cake.

Image via Discover

Find out more about what's on offer at Alamanda Shopping Centre!

Have you ever worked or lived in Putrajaya before? Share your stories in the comments section below!

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