7 Boost Deals You Can Get For Your Loved Ones To Make Them Feel Extra Special

Here's a way to hack your savings, while showing your loved ones how much you care!

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Boost.

It always feels nice to get a little surprise from someone, especially since most of us haven't seen each other in a while :'(

While the economy is slowly opening up, and people are starting to dine-in and go out, this doesn't mean that we can't still send something nice to our loved ones. Every so often, just delivering a yummy meal or helping someone with groceries can go a long way in showing how much you care.

In the spirit of #RakyatJagaRakyat, Boost eWallet is offering you amazing deals when you shop from local merchants and pay using the Boost eWallet app.

Through the Shop Malaysia Online (SMO) campaign, not only do you get to support local businesses and treat your loved ones, you'll get to hack your savings with cashback, discounts, as well as extra BoostUp rewards.

Wanna find out the best deals to get on Boost for your loved ones? Here are some of our top picks:

1. If there's one thing that brings us together, it's food! Go ahead, belanja makan and get up to RM25 cashback when you pay using Boost eWallet.

Surprise your family with an indulgent feast, or a whole cake just 'cause you can. ;P The best part, you'll get RM5 cashback when you spend a minimum of RM25 on Boost's F&B partners, up to five transactions per user. All you have to do is checkout at your favourite makan spots with the Boost eWallet app!

Image via Boost

Eating dilemma? Here are some makan spots you can order from:

- McDelivery: Chow down on your favourite McD burgers, with a side of fries, yumm! If you have young nephews and nieces, send them a Happy Meal and make their day. :D

- KFC: Get your fix of crispy fried chicken, with sides like cheesy wedges and popcorn chicken. Or, if you're feeding the whole kampung, get a big bucket of fried chicken to share, yasss!

- Pizza Hut: Whether it's a personal pizza or a large one to share with family, enjoy all kinds of tasty toppings on your pizza, baked fresh and delivered to your doorstep.

- Morefun: Need to stock up on food or groceries? Morefun is a lifestyle app, currently catered towards East Malaysia, that's got you covered with everything you need.

- Eat Cake Today: Got a birthday or special occasion coming up? Order indulgent whole cakes, brownies, cupcakes and more, with optional 4-hour delivery.

- EASI: Your one-stop delivery solution, you can find almost anything you're looking for, be it sushi, burgers, Thai food, bubble tea, or Indian cuisine.

- POP Meals: Whether you feel like having local favourites like nasi lemak and butter chicken, or western dishes like super creamy mac & cheese, you can get it all with POP Meals.

- US Pizza: Serving up some of the most delicious American-style pizza, your friends and family will definitely love the endless flavours offered, topped with 100% premium cheese.

- LOLOL Food Delivery: Whatever you're craving, you'll probably find it here. From food trucks and home cooks, to hawker stalls and restaurants, you can discover all kinds of yummy treats.

- ZUS Coffee: If you need your daily dose of caffeine, get a latte, frappe, or caramel macchiato delivered to you, and feel free to add on a breakfast toast or lasagna for good measure.

2. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, that's why it's important to stock up on fresh fruits and veges. Plus, you can save up to RM60 in cashback.

If you know of a relative or elderly neighbour, do them a favour by sending them groceries and essentials for the week – they'll be grateful to you for it!

You'll also get to earn RM15 cashback when you spend a minimum of RM100 using Boost eWallet at Top Key Partners like HappyFresh, Watsons Online, Senheng, and more, up to four transactions per user.

3. Don't forget to #SapotLokal and show love to your favourite homegrown brands. Shopping online has never been more rewarding with up to RM25 cashback.

From big ticket items to small recurring purchases, shop online for yourself and your loved ones to earn cashback on your Boost eWallet, so you can spend more later!

Whether it's skincare, household essentials, or more, you'll get to enjoy RM5 cashback with selected online partners whenever you spend a minimum of RM30 and pay with Boost eWallet, up to five transactions per user.

* This promotion excludes the partners mentioned in the previous two cashback offers.

4. Jom, shop with Boost's top partners to enjoy savings like RM15 cashback at Watsons, RM5 cashback at ZCity, and RM15 cashback at WOWShop, plus extra Boost Coins woohoo!

Go ahead and shop to your heart's content from now until the end of the year. From stocking up on essentials at Watsons Online and getting deals on ZCity, to buying home appliances from WOWShop, Shop8Home, and Dreamshop, Boost has got you covered.

Not only will you be able to get up to RM60 cashback at these various stores, there are hundreds of Boost Coins up for grabs, so don't miss out.

5. They always say it's the thought that counts, so send a gift or flowers to someone today, and enjoy 4x Boost Coins when you purchase it online

Image via I Love Bargain

Whether you're sending flowers to a significant other from HappyBunch or 50gram, or buying a Durian Bear feast for the entire family, you can get rewarded with Boost Coins every day. Plus, you can redeem your coins for amazing rewards from the BoostUP catalogue.

You can get 4x Boost Coins for online transactions whenever you spend a minimum of RM50 and pay with Boost eWallet. Enjoy the reward instantly, and make sure to use your Boost Coins within the month before it expires! 

6. If you need to go in-store to get something, don't forget to pay with Boost eWallet to earn up to RM40 cashback

While you can get almost everything online, sometimes you need to go in-store to get a specific item or hardware. Remember to pay with Boost in-store to enjoy online cashback savings.

You can get RM5 cashback for in-store purchases whenever you spend a minimum of RM30 and pay with Boost eWallet, up to eight transactions per user.

Offline Partners: Tesco | Lotus's, Mydin, Giant, MR.DIY, eco-shop, and more

7. What's better than getting amazing discount vouchers up to 80% off? It's definitely sharing the joy together with your loved ones, yayy! :D

Image via foodpanda

All of us love a good discount. Better still, a discount that can be passed around.

Head over to Boost's Shop Malaysia Online Voucher Shop to discover digital vouchers you can use for local merchants. There are discount vouchers up to 80% off for Agoda, Domino's Pizza, Youbeli, and many more participating brands! The best part, you can even gift these vouchers to your friends and family.

Whether it's food and drinks, or groceries and home essentials, you'll get to enjoy great promotions with Boost eWallet

Image via Boost

Plus, it's super simple! All you have to do is download the Boost eWallet app on the App Store or Google Play, tap the Shop Malaysia Online icon, and start exploring all the rewards and deals available.

From 1 August to 30 September, remember to pay with Boost eWallet when you're shopping online or in-store to get the most bang for your buck!

While it's already awesome to hack your savings and find a good deal, being able to treat your loved ones and show them you care makes it all the more meaningful.

Find out more about the Shop Malaysia Online campaign and how you can save more with Boost today!

Don't have Boost yet? Download the app on the App Store or Google Play.

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