[QUIZ] React To These Awkward Situations And We’ll Tell You What Kind Of Neighbour You Are

You're in the lift but need to kentut. How?!

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We’ve all been in awkward situations, whether it's with friends at school, colleagues at work, or even neighbours at home

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It doesn't help if you stay on the same block and run into these people every day!

For those of you who've lived in a condominium or service apartment, you've probably had your fair share of awkward moments with your neighbours

When you stay at high-rise buildings, you'll come across various kinds of neighbours thanks to common areas like the elevator, the gym, and the pool. This means there'll be even more opportunities for neighbour drama, funny stories, and of course, awkward moments.

Take the quiz below and react to these awkward situations to find out what kind of neighbour you truly are:

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Despite the awkward moments and neighbour drama, there's something really special about staying in high-rise buildings—and that's the community!

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Whether it's working out with your fellow neighbours, having a year-end barbecue party, or just bumping into each other on the way to work, staying in a high-rise building makes you feel like you're part a community.

While some neighbours are more lovable than others, it's the combination of all these relationships that makes the place feel like home.

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