We Turned CHAGEE Bags Into Tissue Box Covers Following This Viral Video. And We Love Them!

This is an upcycle art project you didn't ask for, but you'll soon be obsessed with.

Cover image via Adriana Zaba/SAYS & @danny_ahboy (Instagram)

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If you are fan of CHAGEE, you probably have many of its takeaway bags lying around your house

Most of us store them away because they look too pretty to throw away or recycle.

What if I told you there was a way to give these beautiful bags a new lease on life by turning them into tissue box covers?

Malaysian singer and TV host Danny Koo showed us how to do just that.

In a viral video posted last month, which has amassed with over 2.3 million views on Instagram, Koo demonstrated in just 42 seconds how to transform a medium-sized CHAGEE bag into a tissue box cover.

To get the Dior-looking tissue box cover, all you need is just a pair of scissors and two clips of any kind.

Aside from trimming the bag handles with scissors, this simple project requires almost no tools and can be easily completed in less than five minutes

Watch Koo's video below to follow the steps:

Speaking to SAYS, Koo said he first saw the CHAGEE tissue box cover at his friend's house during Chinese New Year.

Intrigued by the Dior-looking tissue box cover, the 36-year-old asked his friend about it and was told that their mother learned how to turn CHAGEE bags into tissue box covers on XiaoHongShu, China's equivalent of Instagram.

After learning the trick on how to make it, Koo said he now has three tissue boxes encased in CHAGEE bags.

Below is a video of our attempt to make it:

We even made miniature ones out of CHAGEE's small-sized bags. Although they are not big enough to fit a tissue box in them, they make great makeup pouches.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of a CHAGEE takeaway bag and a Dior Book Tote, showcasing the elegance of the tissue box cover that you must now create

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