Malaysian Woman Goes Viral For Making Her Own Clothes Storage Out Of Cheap Plastic Baskets

Can spray paint or store other items like toilet paper and toys.

Cover image via Juriah Sidek/Impiana

A Malaysian woman's DIY clothes shelves have gone viral. And boy, are we impressed!

Juriah Sidek's budget-friendly shelves, which circulated the Internet a couple of years ago, recently resurfaced after it was shared by Impiana.

The post garnered over 11,000 Facebook shares since it was published on 8 June.

To make the shelf, all you need is several cable ties, a knife or sharp blade, and plastic baskets – that can usually be found at shops like Mr DIY, Daiso, or Eco

1. First, cut a slot into one side of the basket using a knife or blade and a chopping board

Depending on how big your basket is, continue to slice it in half until you have an opening on just one side.

2. Repeat the first step with the rest of the baskets. Then, put two baskets together at a time with the cut sides facing each other.

It should look something like this:

3. Use cable ties to secure the back and sides of the baskets together

4. Do the same for the rest or as many as you'd like and you're done!

You can then stack them on top of each other to save space.

Or you can customise it by cutting an opening on just one basket instead of two or spray painting the baskets to a different colour.

If you don't want to use it for clothes, you can also store toys, toilet paper, and other household items!

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