Couch Potatoes, There's A Non-Judgemental Lamp Just For Us And It's The Cutest

Just a potato potating.

Cover image via Smoko

From the creators of the adorable bubble tea lamp released a couple of years ago, comes this couch potato nightlamp that is everything you need during this pandemic

Image via Smoko

It's called the Tayto Potato – a fitting name for its glum potato face

Image via Smoko

"Tayto will keep you company at nighttime when you're sitting on your couch munching away on your fave junk food while binging your fave TV show," reads its description on Smoko's website.

There's also a larger version. Both are made of a squishy, soft silicone material.

Image via Smoko
Image via Smoko

The couch potato lamps are quiet, they turn on and off whenever you want, and the best part of all... they're non-judgy

Even if you've been snacking on chips all day.

Image via Smoko

The lamps come with touch sensors and three brightness settings which you can adjust by tapping. Plus, they're rechargeable!

Smoko is based in the US but they also ship to Malaysia. The smaller potato is USD22 (RM90) while the larger potato is USD35 (RM142).

The company has a full Tayto Potato range, which you can check out here

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