Up Your Insta-Game With These Beautiful Desserts At Foret Blanc In Sri Petaling!

They taste as good as they look.

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Want to satisfy your sweet tooth with treats that taste as good as they look?

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Foret Blanc, which means ‘white forrest’ in French, is a cafe in Sri Petaling that serves desserts that are almost too pretty to eat.

You’ve probably seen some of them all over web, but now they’ve got even more new insta-worthy creations that will feed both your camera and your belly!

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The Avo-cuddle consists of homemade avocado ice cream for the flesh, a chocolate avocado shell for the skin, and a peanut butter seed. The thing that looks like moss is actually a light and airy matcha sponge cake that’s made to order, and the other bits are fresh strawberries, mango cubes, and caramelised bananas.

Prepare to have your eyes fool you (but in a fun way!) with their Kopitiam Breakfast Set.

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This unique dessert will give you all the nostalgic local feels, while surprising your tastebuds. The “soft boiled egg” is actually coconut mousse “egg white” and passionfruit mango “egg yolk” served in a chocolate “egg shell”. The “kopi” is a Nescafe Creme Brûlée. A little confusing, but so amazing!

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To make your fluffy fantasies come true, you should try their Unicorn Cotton Candy with Mango Cheesecake Bingsu!

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Also new to their menu, this airy delight is made to order so you know it’s extra fresh. The Mango Cheesecake Bingsu comes with fresh mango, a super fine milk snow, ice cream, cheesecake cubes, and butter sable (a type of French butter biscuit) for that extra crunch.

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Image via SAYS

Some of their classic menu items are treats worth putting on pounds for. Their Deconstructed Pavlova may look delicate and sophisticated, but you’re meant to smash open yourself!

As a yummy way to release some tension, just grab a spoon and take a whack at the pristinely white meringue sphere to reveal some homemade yogurt lime ice cream, lemon curd, green tea sable French butter cookie, and seasonal fresh fruits.

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Image via SAYS

Or if you’re feeling mellow, pick yourself up with their Berry Mallow Unicorn!

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This magical bowl comes with lychee ice cream, raspberry rose ice cream, citrus meringue kisses, strawberry chocolate bon bon, cheesecake cubes, lychee fruit, and for a finishing touch, delicate meringue unicorn wings.

Better yet, help yourself to some of their Brown Butter Waffle!

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Although Foret Blanc serves a variety of waffles, our favourite has to be their Brown Butter Waffle. This coffee waffle is topped with brown butter ice cream, pecan praline, salted caramel sauce, chocolate crumble and caramelised almonds. We loved it so much that we even ordered seconds!

Try these amazing desserts for youself. Foret Blanc has two outlets:

Outlets: Sri Petaling | Petaling Utama
More info on: Facebook | Instagram

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