Did You Know: You Can Give Used Cooking Oil To These Petrol Stations In Exchange For Cash

Throwing it down the drain will only clog our waterways.

Cover image via PETRONAS

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Not sure what to do with your old or used cooking oil?

Collect it and exchange it for money!

Image via PETRONAS

PETRONAS is running an initiative in collaboration with the Ministry of Plantation and Commodities to promote the recycling of used cooking oil.

"By simply dropping off your used cooking oil at participating PETRONAS stations, you are not just decluttering your kitchen, you are helping to protect our waterways from pollution, promote circular economy, and support the imminent production of Malaysia's biofuels," stated the company.

Image via PETRONAS

Instead of pouring it down the sink, which can harm the environment by clogging drains, polluting water, and harming wildlife, donate it to a better cause

What happens to the used cooking oil?

PETRONAS is working towards producing sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) partly from used cooking oil. And yes, that means fuel for planes!

This can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the aviation sector. 

Image via PETRONAS

In exchange for the oil, you will be rewarded with cash

To find out how much you can receive, refer to your nearest selected petrol station.

You can check out the participating petrol stations here.

Image via PETRONAS

Check out other places where you can sell your used cooking oil:

Here are other some small steps you can take to helping our environment:

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