Got Unwanted Furniture? This Service Collects It And Sells It For You

Sell your pre-loved furniture without breaking a sweat.

Cover image via @unearthstore (Instagram)

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Selling stuff online can be mafan. It can take time and effort to find a good buyer.

Thankfully, you don't need to go through that hassle.

Unearth Store, which is based in Subang, offers to collect and sell your unwanted furniture and takes 50% of the profits.

According to the store, around 33% of Malaysians dispose of or waste furniture that are still in good condition. To keep them out of landfills and protect the Earth, the store decided to come up with a way to find new homes for these pieces.

The process is simple. Here's how it works:

1. Schedule your collection slot

Submit the form and their customer service representatives will get in touch with you to schedule a date and time of your convenience.

2. Facilitate the collection process

Provide access to your apartment or home and their representatives will come to collect the items. 

You won't need to lift a finger while the collection team helps to carry the items out. 

3. Money earned will enter your account

After items are sold, your account will be updated, and you will be able to request payment (once it hits a minimum of RM100), which we will be processed and paid out within seven days.

There is a minimum RM100 service fee required for each collection order. If the sale of the items does not cover the minimum service fee and ancillary charges, you do not need to pay the difference. The store will cover the cost of those fees including any disposal fees that incur.

Their ancillary charges include:
1. Furniture dismantling – RM60 per unit
2. Difficult access charges – RM60 surcharge for normal condominiums and second storey landed property or; RM120 for condominiums or landed property with difficult access (eg. third storey, above 50m access from service lift, etc)
3. Additional trip surcharge: RM80 per trip

To find out more, check out Unearth Store's website, Facebook, or Instagram!

Or you can take a look at their Facebook and Carousell store.

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