Haidilao Restaurant In China Washes Your Hair To Help You Get Rid Of The Hot Pot Stench

The restaurant's shampooing service has gone viral on Weibo.

Cover image via China Press & SAYS

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Love hot pot but hate the smell that gets into your hair after eating? Well, a Haidilao branch in Wuxi, China is currently pilot-testing a hair washing service to its customers.

This particular branch of China's largest hot pot restaurant chain provides a special shampooing service for customers who want to get the hot pot stench out of their hair after eating at the restaurant.

Of course, this special service is only available to those who have accumulated enough loyalty points, called Lao coins, from spending enough money at the restaurant, reported China Press.

200 Lao coins, which is equivalent to 200 yuan (about RM130.80), can be redeemed for a 20-minute hair wash.

Image via China Press

Check out a video of the hair-washing service here:

With no marketing from the restaurant, the shampooing service has gone viral on Weibo, even though it is still in the trial stage

Many netizens in China shared pictures of the restaurant's salon fully equipped with massage shampoo chairs, mirror tables, hair dryers, hair care essential oils, and a hair washing person on standby.

Image via Hong Kong 01
Image via Hong Kong 01

According to Anue, an employee said that some Haidilao branches previously had hair washing services, but they were stopped due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For now, it's slowly being relaunched as a pilot project and may be introduced nationwide in the future, depending on customer feedback.

The popular hot pot chain is famous for offering unconventional services such as manicures and free leather shoe cleaning.

Haidilao has gone viral for putting on a show for its customers:

Meanwhile, these two couples didn't have the best time while dining at the restaurant:

Also, hot pot oil can be recycled into aeroplane fuel:

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