Have You Seen The Latest Special Edition Honda City? Check Out The Cool Additions

It comes with front and rear dashcams and a built-in toll reader.

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The Honda City is the number one non-national car in Malaysia, and for good reason!

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If you drive in Malaysia, you'll most definitely see a Honda City on the road every day. It's the complete sedan that provides comfort, space, and functionality—it's one of the best everyday cars you can get!

This September, Honda is introducing the Honda City Special Edition, and it's packed with all kinds of additional items

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1. You can drive with peace of mind, thanks to the sleek yet functional dashcams

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The Honda City Special Edition comes with front and rear view dashcams (also known as digital video recorders), which help you capture real-time videos of your journey.

2. Enjoy the convenience with the built-in toll reader, 'cause you won't have to wind down your window at the toll booth again

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The built-in toll reader functions like a Smart Tag and shows your Touch 'n Go balance at all times. Since it's connected to your car, you won't need to use a 9V battery to power it either.

3. You also get to enjoy aesthetic door visors and a practical car boot organiser

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Keep the rain out and keep your items neatly organised.

The best part is that all these extra items come at a special deal from RM75,955 only

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You can get the Honda City Special Edition in two colours, Passion Red Pearl (RM75,955) or White Orchid Pearl (RM76,075).

The Honda City Special Edition is similar in specs to the Honda City E, which retails at RM79,955, so if you're thinking of getting a new car, this is a deal you won't want to miss!

Head over to your nearest Honda authorised dealer to test drive or book a Honda City Special Edition today

For more information, check out Honda's website.

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