This Mall Has Fully Equipped Private Work Pods Perfect For A Productive Work Or Study Day

Their work pods' designs are Scandinavian-inspired to make you feel serene and productive.

Cover image via IPC Shopping Centre (Provided to SAYS)

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This Spotlight is sponsored by IPC Shopping Centre.

If you're looking for a work-from-home space away from your usual home setting, then IPC Shopping Centre has just the thing for you!

Introducing Träffas Work Pods, the first and one-of-its-kind co-working concept for your convenience, located within IPC Shopping Centre itself.

Located near the link bridge at Level 1, the Träffas Work Pods offer users a sleek, clean, and peaceful environment to work in. Oftentimes, our home environment can be distracting for us to get any real work done. Or, if you're always on the go, a quick stop at the work pod to get your work done can be helpful.

Not only is it convenient for you to shop and eat at IPC Shopping Centre, but you can now also work there. Yay! :D

The design of the work pods are Scandinavian-inspired, featuring aesthetic furniture pieces from IKEA and indoor plants, giving a simple and sleek look with a touch of nature

Painted with vibrant colours, the work pods will put users in an uplifted mood that will help enhance their productivity.

In line with their tagline, 'Where ideas and people connect', IPC Shopping Centre aims to give their users a space away from home to unwind, hold small meetings, have private tuition classes, or even group discussions, with the convenience of nearby amenities.

Here's a look at the type of work pods available:

IPC Blooma Pod

Image via IPC Shopping Centre (Provided to SAYS)

IPC Blooma Pod and IPC Vind Pod
Both these pods can fit six people and are suitable for a mid-size meeting group, private tuition classes, or a personal space to meet and connect with others.

IPC Löv Pod
The Löv pod can take in four people at a time and is ideal to host a small-size meeting, group discussions, or private tuition classes.

IPC Solig Pod and IPC Vatten Pod
If you're looking for a work pod for one person or two people, either of these two pods is perfect for you. You can either have one-to-one meetings, private tuition classes, or just a space to zone out away from outside distractions by yourself.

IPC Vatten Pod

Image via IPC Shopping Centre (Provided to SAYS)

What's amazing about the Träffas Work Pods is that they include an array of amenities once you pay to use the space

Here's a list of things offered for your convenience: 
- High-speed WiFi
- Privacy blinds and LED lights
- Hand sanitiser 
- Hanger 
- Three-speed fan
- USB charging port
- Intercom and timer
- Cleaning service after each use
- Printing service available from i-counter, Level G
- Snacks and drinks vending machine
- Contactless food and beverage orders to nearby cafes

Open from 10am to 9pm daily, you can easily access the work pods by booking via your phone

It's super easy to book! All you have to do is follow these simple steps below: 

STEP 1: Scan the QR code provided on the door of your preferred work pod or click here
STEP 2: Choose your preferred work pod
STEP 3: Pick an available time slot
STEP 4: Fill in your details
STEP 5: Make the payment and get a booking confirmation
STEP 6: Check in at your work pod by entering the passcode given

All the pods are priced at RM20 per hour with an additional RM10 cleaning fee.

Wait, there's more! They've got a limited-time launch deal for you to enjoy with up to RM8 off when you book any pod.

If you want to use the work pod on a weekday, just enter the promo code TRAFFA03WD to get RM3 off your booking. And those who wish to use the pods on weekends can use the promo code HAPPYWEEKEND08 for RM8 off their booking. 

Tack Club members, which is IPC's loyalty membership, will get to enjoy an exclusive 25% off for all days. Launch the IPC App to get the code today! 

Want to give Träffas Work Pods a try? Be sure to head over to the Link Bridge on Level 1 at IPC Shopping Centre!

Find out more information on their website.

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