8 Lessons We've Learned From MCO And How We Can Move Forward Once It's Lifted

Welcome to the new normal. :)

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If there’s one thing the Movement Control Order (MCO) has shown us, it’s to appreciate the little things in life

Before the start of the MCO, many of us would’ve taken for granted the simple joys of driving to work, meeting friends and family for meals, watching a movie, or cheering on our favourite football team at a nearby mamak over teh tarik and roti.

Almost two months into the MCO, our lives have changed dramatically. With most of the world on lockdown, we’ve had to adapt to new ways of living. Working from home is the new normal, e-learning through Zoom or Google Classroom is now a thing, and shopping online has become our go-to pastime.

While we all can't wait for this MCO to finally be over, like it or not, things will no longer go back to the way they once were

Here are a few things this MCO has taught us and how we can move forward together to face what's next:

1. We learned to appreciate our food a little more, from cooking at home and ordering in, to tapau-ing from local coffee shops

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This MCO has definitely brought our cooking skills up a level. In fact, it has given us a newfound respect for our mums and grandmas who used to cook three meals a day for us growing up. We've also grown to appreciate online food delivery - just imagine these few weeks without GrabFood and FoodPanda.

What's next: Many Malaysians will probably cook more at home even after the MCO. However, it will be a challenging time for our local restaurants, kopitiams, and small food vendors. So, let's remember to support them by tapau-ing whenever we can right now, and visiting them once the MCO is lifted.

2. We became better at taking care of our health and personal hygiene

With the spread of the global COVID-19 pandemic, protecting our health has become our top priority. From washing our hands and using sanitiser, to wearing face masks and practicing social distancing, we've learned to take better care of ourselves and others.

What's next: After the MCO is lifted, Malaysians will probably continue to practice certain social distancing measures. That means we'll have to adapt our day-to-day interactions, like shaking hands and hugging. Washing hands and wearing face masks will also be the new normal for a long time.

3. Even the least tech savvy among us have adapted to online services

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With this extended MCO period, it has forced most of us to learn how to use online services, whether it's ordering food, paying our TNB bills, or getting into Zoom calls for meetings and classes. Even our parents and grandparents have grown to become more tech savvy to keep up with the times.

What's next: The MCO has shown us that many things can actually be done online. Moving forward, we'll see more banks, schools, and companies offering digital services. That means we'll need to get used to doing things like banking, parent-teacher conferences, and client meetings online.

4. For those of us working remotely, we've learned to communicate better and be more efficient

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Working from home has its perks, but it also comes with its own challenges, especially for parents with children at home. Nevertheless, the MCO has taught us how to be productive and not distracted. We've also learned to communicate clearly, whether it's through emails, video calls, or productivity apps.

What's next: Working remotely may become the new normal after MCO. That means we'll need to manage our time better and become more efficient. We also need to build a culture of trust at work, empowering our teammates to get the job done – the last thing anyone wants is someone micro-managing them 24/7.

5. We've been reminded of how much our friends and loved ones mean to us <3

Image via SAYS

Before the MCO, we would try to plan gatherings and meetups, but we'd always fail because someone was busy. In the last few weeks, however, we've had all the time in the world to bond with people and reconnect with long-lost friends, thanks to Zoom hangouts and online games like Houseparty.

What's next: Unexpectedly, the MCO has brought us all together and made us appreciate the people around us. It's also taught us that we'll never have time for each other until we choose to make time. If there's a friend or family member you haven't talked to in a while, give them a call today to show them you care – it will make their day!

6. We've learned how to manage our finances better and the importance of saving money

With the MCO, many Malaysians and businesses have been affected financially. It has taught us all to be more prudent with our spending, like finding ways to cook dishes that can last us for a few meals. Thanks to online shopping, we've also learned how to hunt for good deals online.

What's next: The MCO has shown us how important it is to have savings that can tide us through challenging times like this. As the economy slowly builds back up and we return to our daily routines, we should be careful with our spending and always try to set aside money every month to build up our savings.

7. We also realised that there’s no better time to learn a new skill or pursue our passions than right now

Many Malaysians are using their extra time during the MCO to learn how to cook, pick up a new language, and even plant their own vegetables. Some parents have even revisited their old passions like music and become piano teachers for their children. For others, this MCO has given them time to reflect and plan ahead for their own business ideas.

What's next: The MCO has reminded all of us that there's no better time to do what we love or go after our dreams. Whatever you have on your mind to do, make it happen today!

8. Now that we spend most of our day indoors, we've really grown to appreciate the comforts of home

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We've been able to take time to enjoy the comforts of home, whether it's sitting on our balcony to see the sunset, watching Netflix shows on our TV screen, or utilising every part of our kitchen. All in all, this MCO has made us realise how important it is to have a home that feels like home.

What's next: It makes a difference when we get to stay in a home with enough space, a home where we can truly care for our family. While it's not something we should rush into, it's always a good idea to invest in a comfortable home that will last generations.

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No matter what the future holds after this MCO, we know that we can move forward and face it because we're all in this together

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