Netizens Are Sad After Local Makeup Brand BeauTyra Bids Farewell To Long-Time Supporters

BeauTyra announced that it will embark on a transformational journey and will no longer sell its iconic makeup products.

Cover image via @beautyraofficial (Instagram & @Beautyra_os (Twitter)

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Local makeup brand BeauTyra recently announced in a heartfelt message that it is saying goodbye to its supporters after five years in business

On Tuesday, 1 August, the brand and its founder, Tyra Kamaruzzaman, announced on Twitter that it will embark on a transformational journey and will no longer sell its iconic makeup products.

Even though BeauTyra did not confirm the reason for the abrupt decision, the brand acknowledged that it played an important role in the lives of many young makeup enthusiasts.

"BeauTyra isn't just a makeup brand. It holds a strong sentimental value not just to me, but to a lot of other people out there. Our products didn't just sit pretty in a lot of people's vanity, it holds a lot of stories of a lot of people who enjoyed making themselves look more beautiful than they already are.

"It is with a heart heavy that we bid farewell to the makeup products that defined yourselves and your life in a way," wrote its founder in a statement.

BeauTyra's official statement.

Image via @Beautyra_os (Twitter)

Tyra also acknowledged that the brand has been lauded for championing inclusivity since its inception

"When I first started curating the brand plan, I knew that I wanted the essence of the brand to be all about inclusivity, diversity and beauty that [don't] break the bank.

"I'm proud to say that over the years, we have stayed true to what we believed in and we grew fond of putting those values into the things we created," said Tyra.

Since it was introduced in 2018, BeauTyra has released a number of makeup items that have proven popular with its customers, including body mists, lipsticks, and blushers, all of which will no longer be sold.

The brand also made headlines last year when it announced an official collaboration with Disney on a line of limited-edition products.

Netizens were shocked by BeauTyra's announcement and expressed their sorrow in the comments section

"No, please no! I love (BeauTyra) and it's my favourite," commented one user.

Image via Twitter

"No, my favourite peach mist," cried another.

Image via Twitter

Meanwhile, one user hoped that the brand would come back with a new makeup collection.

Image via Twitter

Read BeauTyra's full statement here:

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Tyra was only 18 years old when she launched BeauTyra, and the brand has since gained over 160,000 followers on Shopee:

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