[VIDEO] Makcik Bawang And Minah Selfish? You Gotta Watch Watsons' Raya Ad.

You'll feel like hugging your mom and dad by the end of it!

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Watsons Malaysia.

Watsons Malaysia's newest Raya ad shows us that we should all carry out acts of kindness with pure and honest intentions

Introducing their #MisiIkhlasAidilfitri campaign, Watsons Malaysia highlights that external beauty is only skin deep, and we should all emphasise inner beauty, sincerity and being kinder to one another.

Watch their video to see how sincere kindness gives you better life satisfaction!

In line with #MisiIkhlasAidilfitri, Watsons Malaysia is collecting funds to help elevate the lives of the old folks in Pusat Jagaan Dan Pendidikan Warga Emas Darul Insyirah

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As a first pay-it-forward initiative by Watsons, running from now til 2 July 2018, they aim to provide living essentials such as toiletries, medicine, vitamins and more with the funds collected throughout their campaign. This is so that the elderly have enough supplies to live an independent and happy life.

You can easily join this initiative by:

1) Sharing your “Misi Ikhlas” story on FB / IG
2) Tag your post with the official hashtags #MisiIkhlasAidilfitri and #WatsonsMalaysia

*For every participation and share, Watsons will donate 200 points (Equivalent to RM1) to Pusat Penjagaan dan Pendidikan Warga Emas Darul Insyirah.

Showcasing the Malaysian spirit of humanity, Watsons have also been highlighting inspiring stories of acts of kindness our Malaysians have done around the world

Let's take a look back at the Malaysians who have shown exemplary ideals when it comes to performing acts of kindness to other people:

1. When this Malaysian basketball player saved a man's life at a Hong Kong airport.

Misi Ikhlas Aidilfitri, merupakan kempen amal daripada Watsons Malaysia untuk mengajak orang ramai menyebarkan kebaikan...

Posted by Watsons Malaysia on Tuesday, May 15, 2018

2. When this selfless Bilal gave shelter to 70 flood victims in the masjid regardless of their religion.

#MisiIkhlasAidilfitri Mangsa Banjir Bukan Islam Menumpang di Surau Jika anda mempunyai kisah/misi, kongsikan bersama...

Posted by Watsons Malaysia on Tuesday, May 15, 2018

3. When this compassionate adik carried a 15kg bag around for an injured man in an airport in Phuket.

Hanya satu interaksi kecil dengan orang yang tak dikenali mampu memberikan makna yang besar kepada yang memerlukan. Jom...

Posted by Watsons Malaysia on Wednesday, May 16, 2018

4. When this altruistic uncle sold his Proton Saga to a single mother in need for just 10 cents!

#MisiIkhlasAidilfitri Lelaki jual Iswara dengan harga 10 sen. Ada pelbagai cerita tentang sebarkan kebaikan yang biasa...

Posted by Watsons Malaysia on Thursday, May 17, 2018

5. When Malaysians gave way to rescuers in Menora Tunnel car crash incident, so rescuers can speedily reach the victims.

Saksikan bagaimana keadaan kemalangan yang berlaku di Terowong Menora, Ipoh. Hasil kerjasama dan tolak ansur yang...

Posted by Watsons Malaysia on Friday, May 18, 2018

Let's all band together this Raya and participate in Watsons' #MisiIkhlasAidilfitri campaign to spread more positivity and more sincerity in doing random acts of kindness for each other!

#MisiIkhasAidilfitri shows us that genuine acts of kindness is done regardless of race, gender, religion, and nationality, and that we could all afford to be kinder to one another!

For more info you can visit Watsons' official website.

And don't forget to share your “Misi Ikhlas” story on FB / IG with official hashtag #MisiIkhlasAidilfitri and #WatsonsMalaysia !

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