Malaysians Share Their Craziest, Unexpected Stories Of Winning Lucky Draw Prizes

"I only found out about it when they sent me my prize!"

Cover image via Nabihah (Provided to SAYS) & Hazril (Provided to SAYS)

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When it comes to winning lucky draws, achieving this goal may seem far-fetched for most of us

But the fact is, whenever there's a giveaway or lucky draw, the prizes must go somewhere, amirite? ;P

As the year wraps up, the first ever developer to be on WOWSHOP — LBS Bina Group, is having a final call for its LBS Fabulous Extraaaa Lucky Draw, where you'll be in the running to win RM1.5 million worth of prizes when you purchase an LBS Bina property from RM250,001 and above.

In fact, you probably didn't know, but LBS Bina is the very first developer to be on WOWSHOP to promote their houses. Keep reading until the end for all the juicy details on their fab campaign!

But first, let's hear from these Malaysians for their crazy and unexpected stories of winning lucky draw prizes:

1. "I never expected for my name to be called, especially not for the final grand prize!"

"People say rezeki is in God's hands, and it's true. I was having trouble getting enough money for my wedding. Everything was prepared, but those random extra costs were hitting us hard, and I was forced to reduce my expenses.

"A few days before my company's Chinese New Year celebration, I helped an old man by giving him some money to eat. During the celebration, there was a lucky draw with a grand prize of cash. Name after name was getting called out, and I was happy for those who won.

"Then came the grand prize. I never expected for my name to be called, and that I'd actually win RM1,888! While it was not enough to cover everything, it definitely helped me a lot for my wedding. It's amazing how God provides when you are in need."

- Mikhail Muttaqee (Mike), 29 years old

2. "I really didn't expect my cats (yes, my cats) to win"

"My cats once won a giveaway, and the gift was a custom digital pet portrait by an illustrator.

"I haven't even won a lucky draw before, so I guess my cats are luckier than me. Seriously, I really didn't expect my cats to win, haha!"

- John PSD, 27 years old

3. "I won an all-expenses paid trip to China, without even knowing I had entered the contest"

Photo used for illustration purposes only.

Image via Ling Tang/Unsplash

"Basically, I subscribed to a newspaper for my parents and paid for it myself. I didn't realise there was a contest running that year since I renew the subscription every year. It turned out that all subscribers were automatically entered into the contest.

"I only found out about it when they sent me my prize, which was an all-expenses-paid trip to China!"

- Adrina, 35 years old

4. "Every time they're in the middle of picking names from the lucky draw bowl, I'd chant my name and I'd end up winning!"

"I won the grand prize for my company's annual dinner two years in a row. The first year, I won a 42-inch smart TV, and a vacuum cleaner the next. The funny thing is, every time they're in the middle of picking names from the lucky draw bowl, I would chant my name and I would end up winning!

"I know it's just my luck, but now my teammates will do the same thing every time there's a lucky draw"

- Nabihah, 32 years old

5. "I immediately thought of my mum the moment my name was called out"

"I attended a watch party event last year to support a Malaysian e-sports gaming team. As one of the media members in attendance, I was eligible to participate in a lucky draw.

"Kebetulan my mom's phone was quite old, so she had been wanting a new one. I even promised her I would buy her a new one. But at the event, I wasn't expecting much from the lucky draw, since my luck isn't always there.

"I can still recall the excitement I felt when the emcee called out my number and I won a phone. The moment I heard my name, I immediately thought of my mom and quickly called her when they announced the news. She was overjoyed, and I've always believed in the adage 'rezeki tak salah alamat', which means we never know when fortune will find us."

- Hazril, 30 years old

6. "I won a washing machine and kept it for a couple of years before actually using it"

"I won a washing machine at my company's lucky draw. At that time, I was renting a bedroom in a house that already had a washing machine available.

"So, I decided to keep my prize until I moved into my own space. I kept it for a couple of years before I finally moved into my own place. It turned out to be a great decision."

- Tammy, 29 years old

7. "Of all things to win, I won a vegetable subscription!"

Photo used for illustration purposes only.

Image via CHUTTERSNAP/Unsplash

"I won a free weekly veggie subscription. However, the only problem was that I had to drive to the farm every Friday to pick up my veggies between 10am to 12pm.

"I collected my veggies once, but ended up giving away my subscription prize to a colleague who was a vegetarian. He appreciated it way more than me, that's for sure."

- Lily, 32 years old

8. "I always say a prayer before there's a giveaway, and I usually get lucky. It's just that sometimes I win big, sometimes I win small."

"Recently, I won something from the LBS Fabulous Extraaaa Lucky Draw, and it's the biggest, craziest prize I've ever won – a home theater system!

"I was automatically entered after purchasing LBS Bina's Kita Mekar project, and it was truly unexpected when I saw my name as one of the winners on their social media post. My husband was overjoyed when he found out what we had won.

"Now, we're patiently waiting for our unit to be completed, and we're eagerly saving this prize for when we move in, so we can officially set it up."

- Norhana Bahrom, 39 years old

Ready to create your own lucky draw story to share? LBS Bina is hosting the final phase of its LBS Fabulous Extraaaa Lucky Draw, giving you the chance to win up to RM1.5 million in prizes until 31 December!

All you have to do is purchase an LBS Bina property from RM250,001 onwards, and you'll be eligible to win all kinds of amazing prizes.

Here's a look at some of the participating projects:

Image via LBS Bina Group

Guess what? Your dream home is within reach, starting at an unbeatable RM1,100 per month, along with limited-time promotions to save even more!

Image via LBS Bina Group

Besides standing the chance to win some cool lucky draw prizes, you'll get to enjoy various benefits when you purchase an LBS Bina home before the year wraps up.

Let's dive into the details of these exclusive, limited-time promotions:

1. Zero exit fee
No hidden fees or penalties for booking cancellations

2. Low booking fees
Reserve your desired unit with low upfront costs

3. Furnishing package
Choose furniture options to ensure a hassle-free, move-in experience

4. Flexi payment scheme
Choose from payment options that fit your budget and needs

Don't miss your last shot at winning big with LBS Bina this year-end. Visit their website or drop by one of their sales galleries to discover more!

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