Malaysian Parents Share 12 Things You Don't Need To Buy For Your Newborn

Imagine spending hundreds only for it to be used once or twice.

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If you're a new parent, you would understand the feeling of being overwhelmed by temptations to buy all the latest baby gear, thinking that you or your baby would need them

While some items are worth the investment, others will take up space in your home and be a headache to get rid of down the line. Baby products are excellently marketed as must-haves, making you feel like your forthcoming bundle of joy needs absolutely everything the second they're born. 

The truth is, when it comes to baby necessities, less is more

Especially for first-time parents, it's easy to get caught up in the belief that you need all these (often pricey) items to make you and your baby's life easier.

When it comes to expenses for your newborn, it's wise to save money where possible so you can put it toward savings.

Here are some baby products you should skip, according to Malaysian parents:

1. Baby crib

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Image via Sven Brandsma/Unsplash

"My baby was mostly sleeping with me, and I felt a stronger bond sleeping with him than leaving him alone in his cot. Eventually, my boy grew out of the barely used cot which we had to give away. It was so expensive too!"

– Anonymous, mother to a three-year-old baby

2. Diaper-changing table

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Image via Amanda Ai (Carousell)

"Unless you have a lot of space at home, I think this is a hard pass. Honestly, you can just use any surface at home, such as the bed or the sofa. The only thing you would need is a piece of cloth or maybe a changing mat in between the surface and your baby. Trust me, you won't use the table anymore months down the line."

– Lau, father to an eight-month-old baby 

3. Expensive baby stroller

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"I discovered that they function just as well as any other standard baby strollers. I bought a really expensive one which was recommended by a friend, only for it to be used for a few hours a week as my baby was being carried most of the time. Soon, he had grown too big for it. I think a baby car seat is a far better investment." 

– Ledy, mother to a two-year-old baby

4. Baby food processor

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Image via Being The Parent

"I personally regret spending money on such a specific item. My regular food processor worked just as well, and when I was in a rush, I found myself manually mashing my baby's food using a fork. I sold it in the end."

– Kimberly, mother to a two-and-a-half-year-old baby

5. Expensive diaper bag

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Image via _k8_/Unsplash

"I didn't purchase it, but my mother-in-law gifted me a really expensive (and ugly, oops) diaper bag. However, I found myself using my regular backpack or tote bag, which holds all of my baby's necessities such as diapers, rash creams, and extra clothes just as well. The diaper bag ended up being unused and was a waste of space in my home. I'm glad I didn't buy into the hype with my own money!"

–Anonymous, mother to a six-month-old baby

6. Buying too many baby clothes

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Image via Auburn Opelika

"I bought way too many pretty and fancy baby clothes. The next thing I knew, my baby grew out of them and most were still brand new and unworn. My infant slept more than she had the chance to go out and show off her outfit!"

– Najiha, mother to a one-year-old baby

7. Cheap breast pump

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Image via Motherhood Community

"I know this is supposed to be about helping new parents save money, but I was unwise to have bought cheap-quality breast pumps. They were inefficient and painful to use. I ended up having to buy multiple different sets which accumulated into so much being spent, that could have been used to purchase a good quality one. In trying to save money, I learned the hard way that it's more worthwhile to invest in something better. After all, things are cheap for a reason, right?"

– Carmen, mother to a one-year-old-baby

8. Baby shoes

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Image via Alexas Fotos/Pexels

"Lol, babies don't need shoes! However, I still bought a pair of branded ones for my infant as a fashion statement. They were only worn once or twice, I think. In the blink of an eye, the shoes became too small for my baby. I think baby socks or a one-piece is a better choice to protect their feet."

– Su Yin, mother to a two-and-a-half-year-old baby

9. Baby laundry detergent

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Image via Honest

"My doctor advised me to buy fragrance-free laundry detergent instead of baby laundry detergent, because both work the same. But seek consultation with your own doctor just in case, okay?"

– Mia, mother to a three-year-old baby

10. Baby food insulator mugs

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Image via MUNI Kitchen & Home/Lazada

"They work just the same as a regular food insulator which I already own. Except these are smaller in capacity, have cute illustrations plastered over them, and cost twice as much!"

– Jess, mother to a five-month-old baby

11. Baby nest bed

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Image via babynestbed (ebay)

"This is literally useless. My baby only slept in it once and that's it. She outgrew it. She didn't like the bed and it was so expensive!"

– Imran, father to a one-year-old baby

12. Baby walker

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Image via Johnston Prams

"After buying one for my toddler, I learned from friends that there is some research which shows that baby walkers do not actually help babies walk, but instead, have a negative impact towards their motor development. There are also safety hazards in regards to this, which made Canada become the first country to ban baby walkers! I switched it out to a push walker instead, which is great." 

– WX, father to a one-year-old baby

As the arrival of your little one draws near, the task of preparing for them can feel daunting and overwhelming

The list of essential baby items seems never-ending, and the financial implications can add an extra layer of stress. After all, we only want the best for our baby.

Hopefully, this advice from Malaysian parents could prove to be useful in helping soon-to-be and existing parents feel confident in preparing the necessary necessities while making wiser financial choices for the whole family!

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