Baby Gives Dad Bombastic Side-Eye After He Falls Asleep Before Feeding Him

There's no bigger frustration than not being able to finish your milk.

Cover image via @math.walton (TikTok)

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Disclaimer: SAYS has received permission from the parents of the baby to publish this story.

From changing diapers to wrapping swaddles, a parent's job when caring for a newborn is never ending — and pretty tiring at that

Baby Matthew Walton has been a prominent figure on TikTok for a while now in Indonesia. Sharing moments of his life thus far, Walton's parents, Caroline and Delvin, created a baby diary for him on the platform, recording some of his cutest moments.

However, they may not have expected one particular video to take off as it did.

In one video uploaded to their page on 20 March, Caroline shared a clip of her son lying down in bed as her husband is giving him milk. There's just one catch though — Delvin isn't actually giving Matthew his bottle of milk. Having fallen asleep right beside him, Matthew's priceless reaction is what grabs attention.

Lying there while looking into the distance, Matthew's bottle remains just inches away from his face, yet not close enough for the baby to reach it. At one point, he even glances at his sleeping father, giving major side-eye. Precious as can be, he turns to look at Caroline by the end of the video, with the same side-eye action.

Screen grabs from the TikTok.

Image via @math.walton (TikTok)

"For fathers who are plagued with insomnia, try this! As soon as you hold the bottle, you'll automatically fall asleep," wrote Caroline in a light-hearted manner for the caption of the post.

Since being posted, the TikTok has garnered more than three million views and over 350,000 likes at the time of writing

The vast majority of commenters under the post couldn't help but reference the classic TikTok background sound "Bombastic side-eye" in relation to Matthew's reaction.

"Bombastic side-eye since a baby!" jokingly wrote one user, while another said that he is fully pondering in silence.

Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok

A few other women also chimed in under the comments section to mention how their husbands are the same when it comes to taking care of kids.

"My husband loves to stay up late to play his games. But when you tell him to look after the baby, he'll be the first one to sleep while the baby is still awake," said one user.

In another casual reaction, one woman also stated how all fathers are like this with kids.

Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok

Nevertheless, the video couldn't escape a plethora of individuals who were making jokes over how entertaining the situation was.

"In his heart he's probably thinking, is it me or my father who's supposed to fall asleep first?" joked one user, while another said that Matthew was probably thinking to himself, "Oh finally, the old man is asleep."

Image via TikTok

Watch the full TikTok below:

@math.walton Bole dicoba utk bapak2 yg ngakunya insomnia baru kepegang aja botolnya, auto tdr pasti #fyp #kelakuanbapakku #bayilucu #bayitiktok suara asli - 99.9% -

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