MBO Cinemas KECIL Hall Is Perfect For Families 'Cause Kids Can Watch Movies & Roam Around

They can run around, play, and make as much noise as they want!

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If you're a parent with young kids, you'll know how much of a hassle going to the cinema with them can be

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Some may be afraid of the dark and loud sounds, while others just can't sit still or stay quiet throughout the movie. This creates a problem for parents who want to enjoy the latest movies without their kids disturbing others in the normal cinema halls.

MBO Cinemas offers a solution to this with their KECIL halls that specifically cater to families with young children

Launched in 2017, MBO KECIL is the first kids' movie hall in Malaysia. Here, kids are allowed to run around, play, and make as much noise as they want!

It includes some special features to make it easier for children to enjoy their time in the cinema hall, while also creating a worry-free environment for their parents.

For example, the lights in the hall are kept at minimum brightness, so as not to scare the kids and also letting their parents keep an eye on them. The audio is also maintained at a soft level as some children may not be comfortable with high pitch sound effects.

Besides the usual standard cinema seats, there are two other types of seats available

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The Beanie seats are soft beanbag-type seats while the KECIL Family Bed are bed-style seats suitable for a family with two young children.

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Best of all, there's a playground in the hall where kids can play to their heart's content if they get bored or restless during the movie

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Looking for a baby room? You'll find one just opposite the KECIL hall, complete with baby changing station, sink, sanitiser, hot and cold water dispenser, bench, and a nursing chair behind the curtain.

You can even host birthday parties in MBO KECIL!

Decorate the hall with the theme of your choice and let your kids enjoy a whole new experience as they'll be able to both watch a fun movie as well as play with their friends, without having to worry about making sure that they're on their best bahaviour.

Here are all the MBO Cinemas outlets that currently have KECIL halls:

1. MBO AEON Mall Bandar Dato Onn - 2 halls
2. MBO Subang Parade - 1 hall
3. MBO Atria Shopping Gallery - 2 halls
4. MBO Square One Batu Pahat - 1 hall
5. MBO Falim Ipoh - 1 hall
6. MBO Kuantan City Mall - 1 hall
7. MBO The Starling Mall - 1 hall

Bring your family over to your nearest MBO KECIL hall today to enjoy a fun, worry-free movie experience together!

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