3 Fun And Effortless Money-Saving Challenges You Can Try If You Suck At Budgeting

As the peribahasa goes, sedikit sedikit, lama lama jadi bukit!

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We could all use a little help when it comes to saving money, 'cause let's face it, getting into the habit can sometimes be easier said than done

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Whether you're saving for a long-awaited vacation, to replace an old laptop for work, or simply for a rainy day, there are many methods you can test out.

If you find yourself struggling to get into a strategy that works for you, gamifying the process by starting a fun money-saving challenge may help motivate you better to be more prudent with your funds — and grow them at the same time too.

Here are three fun ways you can try:

1. Build the habit slowly with the 30-day savings challenge

You've probably seen this challenge while scrolling social media. It is a great way to foster a habit of saving money, especially if you have a smaller budget. You start by saving RM1 a day for five days. The next five days, save RM2 a day.

The goal is to add one ringgit more to the amount you pay each day, every five days, until you reach days 21 to 30, during which time you'll be putting aside RM5 for 10 days. In the end, you'll reach a tidy little sum of RM100.

2. Keep things simple but interesting by saving RM5 a day

Whether you want to carry on for three months or a year, putting away one RM5 note a day can prove to be effective at helping you save money.

It's also probably one of the easiest ways, since the rules are pretty straightforward, while still providing some sort of gamification. If you manage to save for a year, your grand total would amount to an impressive RM1,825. 

3. Kickstart your nest egg with the 100 envelope challenge

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This is a daily challenge which spans 100 days. First, you take 100 envelopes and number each one from one to 100 (you can use old ang pow packets to avoid being wasteful). Once labelled, keep them in a box.

Each day, you will just have to pick out one envelope, and stuff the appropriate amount of cash that corresponds to the number on the envelope. By the end of 100 days, you should be able to save RM5,050. Depending on your budget and how much you want to save, you can start with 50 envelopes or even go up to 200.

When all is said and done, there is no one way to get into the habit of saving, but by turning it into a game, even the most mundane tasks can be fun!

Regardless of which challenge you take on (or any other outside of this list), you can tweak the details to suit your lifestyle or needs.

There are no rules when it comes to saving! As long as you're likely to follow through with the challenge, you're golden. :)

Want to grow your money further? You can deposit the cash you've saved up into an account, such as MBSB Bank's PrimeWin Savings or Current Account-i (CASA-i), for even more lucrative perks.

Through the Simpan Berganda Menang Bergaya 2.0 CASA-i campaign, you will stand to win RM2,400,000 worth of cash prizes and rewards when you make a deposit in your MBSB Bank PrimeWin Current/Savings Account-i (CASA-i).

To participate in campaign draws, you'll just have to deposit a minimum of RM100 in your PrimeWin Savings Account-i or RM1,000 in your PrimeWin Current Account-i.

The campaign is open to new and existing MBSB Bank customers. Here's a look at the mechanics:

Image via MBSB Bank

There are monthly, quarterly, and yearly draws, with a brand new Mercedes-Benz as the grand prize up for grabs

Every month, 27 lucky winners will take home an iPhone 13 in the monthly draw, while loyalty and new saver draws will offer RM500 to 165 winners respectively.

There are also special draws, comprising four categories. Here's what they are:

Youth (18 years old and below)
First prize: Xbox 360 or SonyPS 5
Second prize: Folding bike
Third prize: RM1,000 cash

New Entrants (19 to 35 years old)
First prize: Nmax scooter
Second prize: Asus gaming laptop
Third prize: Go Pro 10 Black or Insta 360

Ladies (25 to 55 years old)
First prize: Europe or Umrah trip
Second prize: Thermomix
Third prize: Gold nugget (10 grams)

Senior (55 years old and above)
First prize: Europe or Umrah trip
Second prize: Gintel massage chair
Third prize: Petronas gift card

For the grand draw, three winners will drive away with either a Mercedes-Benz A200, Mercedes-Benz C200, or Mercedes-Benz GLC300e Coupe each. For the full list of prizes and draw dates, click here.

So, whatchu waiting for? Get your savings going, and save them with MBSB Bank to menang bergaya today!

If you're not a MBSB Bank account holder yet, you can open a PrimeWin Savings Account-i or PrimeWin Current Account-i — all which can be done online.  

For more information about the Simpan Berganda Menang Bergaya 2.0 CASA-i campaign, please visit MBSB Bank's website.

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