Mother Forbids Youngest Daughter From Getting Married Because Her Older Sister Is Single

"My older sister is probably not going to get married any time soon, and there's no boyfriend in sight for her either."

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It's common in Asian culture that older siblings are shown more reverence in many aspects of their family life.

But moving into the future, is this an aspect of tradition that still needs to be followed, especially if it's done at the expense of their younger siblings?

A recent confession has been gaining a lot of traction on Twitter after one woman decided to express her frustrations over a dilemma she is facing. 

Posted to the account TwtWedding, the anonymous woman begins by mentioning how her boyfriend of a little over a year recently asked her if she'd like to get married. Overcome with joy, the woman stated that she is glad to be moving into the next step of her life with her boyfriend — that is of course, with the exception of one problem.

"The problem is, my mother is not allowing me to skip my older sister in the order of getting married. She isn't married yet, and it doesn't look like she has a boyfriend either," she explained.

She continued on by saying that this has caused issues between her family and her boyfriend. In an attempt to talk it out with her mother, the woman said that she was told to be patient and let her sister get married first. After attempting to bring her boyfriend over more often to get to know her parents, she was rejected by her mother due to the fact that he wouldn't be coming over for no reason.

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"Her reason is that she wants to protect my sister's heart — but I become the middleman in this situation," stated the confessor.

The woman goes on to say that this has caused her a great deal of stress, with her and her boyfriend landing into multiple fights over this issue. According to the confessor, she noted that her boyfriend had told her during one of their fights that if they do not get married by the end of the year, he will break up with her.

"I'm becoming so disoriented, please help me," she ended her post, asking the public for their take on what she should do next.

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Image via Maryam Kamavova/Pexels

Garnering major attention online, many people gave their take on what they believe the confessor should do moving forward

A bunch of responders stated that the key to solving this issue is for the confessor to ask her older sister what she would think about her getting married, saying that if she is fine with it, then their mother should be okay with it as well.

"If your sister is okay with you getting married before her, ask her to talk to your mother and tell her that it's not good to prevent someone from reaching their happiness. I hope everything goes smoothly," wrote one user.

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

One of the users, who identified himself as a man, said that he understood why the boyfriend said he would initiate a breakup by the end of the year if the confessor didn't resolve the issues she has with her family. 

"It's not because I don't love her, but it would be very difficult and I can already see red flags in the family. I would just be wasting my time," he stated.

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Another user couldn't help but make some jokes, saying that the method to resolve this issue may be finding the confessor's older sister a boyfriend.

"Find your sister a boyfriend, like in the movie 10 Things I Hate About You," they wrote.

Image via Twitter

However, a few people also pointed out that the confessor's story isn't exactly adding up the way she was making it seem

A few users asked the confessor how old she was, as she did not mention it earlier. Others even opined that the mother may be using the confessor's sister as an excuse to forbid her from getting married, and that there may be an underlying reason for her hesitance.

"I think your mother has her own solid reasons. Firstly, you guys have known each other for one year, it's still early. Secondly, if there is a wedding, maybe your parents have a budget they want to stick to? Thirdly, how long have you guys been working? How much savings do you have? Lastly, are your truly, truly, ready to get married?" one user asked.

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

Others even expressed their suspicions over the boyfriend having threatened the confessor of a breakup if the issue was not resolved later this year.

Image via Twitter

Nevertheless, some of the most fruitful comments came from users who had been in similar situations, saying that they have younger siblings who got married before them.

"From my point of view, as an older sister, my little sister is getting married this May. During her engagement, I was still single and I didn't care to have a partner. In the end, I said it loud and clear to my parents, let her get married first," said one user.

Image via Twitter
Image via Twitter

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