[VIDEO] Must-Watch Raya Ads Of 2024 That'll Make You Laugh, Cry, And Feel All Fuzzy Inside

Which is your favourite Raya ad of the year?

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Editor's noteThis list is in no particular order.

1. Watsons brings you on an inter-dimensional journey this Raya, as Ayda travels to find the 'perfect family' with her cat Unik

Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to celebrate Hari Raya in a different dimension, with a family like yours, but not really? Watsons' Raya ad gives you a glimpse of that, with a star-studded cast of Ayda Jebat, Nadhir Nasar, Ropie Cecupak, Sabri Yunus, Angeline Tan, Catriona Ros, Nazrudin Rahman, and COEX!

2. RHB Bank's Raya film delves into the story of a selfless lawyer who works against the clock to plead the case of a woman who was arrested for stealing

A lawyer decides to help a woman who was caught stealing and faces a maximum jail time of seven years. The thing is, she was arrested for stealing a pencil case. Unable to convince her accuser from dropping the case, he has to find another way, but time is running out.

Based on a true story, RHB Bank's Lembaran Baharu short film may bring you to tears — don't say we didn't warn you.

3. This year, Etiqa tells the story of a young boy who does everything he can to save up before Hari Raya. But what exactly are his intentions?

Etiqa's Raya film, Niat, follows the journey of Shukri, who pesters his family to let him do all the household chores, so he can save up for a pair of headphones before Hari Raya. Does he manage to get enough money in time for the festivities? You'll have to watch to find out.

4. If artificial intelligence (AI) wrote a Hari Raya ad, what would it look like? Watch Julie's Biscuits "A.I.dilfitri" ad to find out, hehe.

This festive ad is funny and feels particularly close to home, especially with all the hype about AI. The seven-minute video is not shy to take a few jabs at AI's limitations, but ultimately comes around to show you a side of AI you may never have thought of before.

Oh, and make sure you stay on for the plot twist at the end!

5. "Halal tak?" is the question that keeps popping up throughout foodpanda's funny, but oh-so-relatable Raya ad

And the answer is... Yes, everything you order from bekal by foodpanda is confirm halal — order food from halal restaurants, and get it delivered in halal-certified bags by professionally trained riders, so you can feast with peace of mind.

6. Ready to balik kampung? Red Bull's festive PSA reminds you to do whatever it takes to be safe on the road this festive season.

From getting your car checked and ready to go, to preparing bekal to keep you energised for the long journey, Red Bull wants you to have a safe drive home this Hari Raya. Remember, rasa penat, silalah berehat, pandu cermat, jiwa selamat!

7. Get into the festive mood with PTPTN's Raya ad, which tells you everything you need to know about Simpan SSPN

A daughter surprises her dad and his two friends when she asks him to save her duit Raya in Simpan SSPN. With his both friends clueless about it, the dad proceeds to present a whole sales pitch for Simpan SSPN. Funny and informative, don't forget to keep watching till the end!

8. MR.DIY's ad this year is a tearjerker, following the story of Rahmat, who has no choice but to send his mum to a nursing home

With a heavy heart, Rahmat decides to leave his mum in a nursing home, as he is unable to juggle the busyness of work and taking care of her. But he promises that this will be temporary. However, things take a turn when Rahmat forgets to pick up his daughter from kindergarten, leading his daughter to think that he is leaving her behind too.

9. Taylor's University's heartwarming Hari Raya film illuminates the roles we play in our families, reminding us that no role is too big or too small

Fauzan and Lyla's family is visiting for the festive season, but they soon start talking among themselves about how Fauzan has been staying home, while Lyla is the breadwinner for the family. Little do they know, Fauzan has not forgotten his responsibility to provide for the family — even if it's in a slightly unconventional manner.

10. Saji's hilarious Raya ad reminds us all of an important value, which is to always ask for forgiveness

Abdul is known for making the villagers naik minyak (get angry), but he always brushes it off. That is, until he meets his match, Marsya, who wishes that everyone Abdul has ever made angry disappears from his life. Featuring a funny play on words and lots of silly scenes, this short film will keep you on the edge of your seat up to the very end!

11. LBS Bina Group brings you on the journey of an influencer, Dom, who's busy making content overseas, but keeps getting interrupted by his mother

What is Dom really up to? And who is Ah Kon? Plus, why is Dom's mother so obsessed with her gold jewellery?

You'll have to watch LBS Bina Group's witty Raya short film to make sense of it all. Poking fun at the overly glamorous side of the influencer lifestyle, this film reminds us of what's truly important this festive season.

12. In Boost's Raya film, a little girl begins to wonder where her duit Raya actually ends up every year

This Hari Raya, Ina is on a mission to investigate and figure out where all her duit Raya has gone the years. After all, every duit Raya packet that she's ever gotten has always been given back to her mother. While Ina starts to draw conclusions in her head, the truth is far from what she imagined it to be.

13. Simple yet impactful, Perodua's Hari Raya music video will be replaying in your head all throughout the festive season

Featuring Malaysian singer and actor Alif Satar, Perodua's Keberkatan Lebaran is a must-add to any balik kampung playlist. The song is catchy and memorable, but more importantly, it carries an important message — keberkatan (blessings) come from a place of being syukur (grateful).

14. Maxis' poetic Raya ad tugs at the heartstrings and just hits different

Maxis' festive film follows the journey of a husband who is celebrating Hari Raya with his in-laws for the very first time. With simple, yet heartwarming scenes, this ad reminds us that different kinds of Raya celebrations can still be meaningful, even if we're not yet familiar with them.

15. PETRONAS' moving film shows how every salam carries a different meaning in our lifetime

As atuk spends time with his grandkids during Raya, he starts to reminisce back to a time when he was a kid, and considers what salam meant to him. Throughout the film, you'll see how the main character's understanding of salam changes at different phases of his life. Ultimately, this film reminds us to appreciate each moment of forgiveness and embrace every "salam from the heart".

16. Capturing the importance of perseverance and hope, IJM Land's captivating and funny Raya ad will definitely put a smile on your face

Titled Rindu-rinduan Anak Bulan, IJM Land's festive short film humorously follows Pak Ahmad's numerous attempts to capture the elusive moon amidst the lively Raya preparations in a quaint village. From comical antics to whimsical escapades, Pak Ahmad's journey culminates in a dream where he envisions transcending into the moon world!

17. Watch Air Selangor's cute festive film to see what happens when Abang, Adik, and Baby balik kampung for Hari Raya, but there's only one bathroom for the whole family!

After getting warned by atuk regarding the dark and scary bilik air luar, Abang, Adik, and Baby are all determined to be the first to wake up to mandi in the one bathroom at home. Watch to see how the siblings plan and try to outsmart each other in this hilarious Hari Raya ad.

18. Looking for a new festive song to brighten up the mood at home? Guardian's Raya Untuk Semua will definitely get you into the Raya mood!

Featuring a fun, catchy tune, Guardian's Raya music video features moments we can all relate to during the festive season. Whether it's getting busy to prep the house or cook up Raya recipes, Guardian wants to remind us all that "Syukurnya kita masih bersama" (thankfully we are all still together).

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