M'sian Mums Talk About Their Heartless Husbands Under TikTok Video On Pregnancy Cravings

The touching video pushed mothers to share their own experiences and some of them cited their husband's unwillingness to fulfil their simple wishes.

Cover image via @lizadarwisy87 (TikTok)

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A video on TikTok recently went viral and sparked a discussion among Malaysian women who have faced the struggles of pregnancy cravings

On 8 May, TikTok user @lizadarwisy87 posted a video of her acting in a skit where she is a pregnant mother craving for some durian, but sadly, she cannot afford to purchase it.

She walks away from a durian crepe seller as she could not pay RM12 for the whole pack but is also unable to buy only one piece for herself.

While holding back tears, she then talks to the baby inside of her, saying, "Little one, please don't ask for anything over the top. You can ask for tapioca shoots. It's easier for me to find. God willing, if I have the money, I'll buy durian okay, love?"

The video has since garnered over 280,500 views and 1,373 comments.

Other mothers then flooded the comments section with their own experiences.

Several of them cited their husband's unwillingness to fulfil their pregnancy cravings.

One person wrote, "I just wanted satay and my husband ignored me. My neighbour got it for me, Alhamdulillah. After this, I don't want to be pregnant with his child anymore."

Image via TikTok

"This happened to me before. I gave my ex-husband some money to buy kelubi fruit but in the end, he didn't even buy it and didn't return my money. Finally, my late father went to the forest and found a whole sack of it for me."

Image via TikTok

"Remembered my last child. I really wanted to eat the porridge from McDonald's. At that time it was midnight, but I was really craving for it. My ex then said it was troublesome and don't be so needy. So sad."

Image via TikTok

Another person commented, "I once asked to eat roti canai and guava. My husband said I was troublesome. I wasn't even going to use his money."

Image via TikTok

"Once while I was pregnant, I only had RM30. Then I was really craving for Subway, but my husband said no need. Then he went and bought himself putu bambu," another netizen wrote.

Image via TikTok

These comments then started to make their rounds on other social media platforms, sparking anger among other netizens

The issue went viral on Twitter and several users, both men and women, voiced their opinions on the matter.

One person wrote, "Pregnancy cravings are no joke and are not troublesome. I swear it comes from the heart. The feeling of really wanting to eat something. The kind of men who don't care what their wives want while carrying their children can go die. Can't even tolerate something simple compared to the wives' sacrifices during pregnancy."

Image via Twitter

Meanwhile, another user said, "To men, once you've married someone's daughter, please take care of them properly as you carry a huge responsibility as husbands. You took their hand to take care of them and to complete your incomplete life, they have to carry your child for nine months, can't you think?"

Image via TikTok

"It's so weird seeing people nowadays dreaming about having kids, but when the wife is pregnant, they don't even want to accommodate, say it's troublesome, later when the kid is all grown up and needs this and that, you'll also say it's troublesome. Then, you think it isn't troublesome for the wife to carry your child? To take care of your child, while you laze around," expressed another user.

Image via TikTok

Different mothers experience different cravings during their pregnancies:

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