OLDTOWN White Coffee Dropped Hundreds Of Balloons On Unsuspecting People At The Cinemas

It was the perfect pause before a thrilling blockbuster movie!

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Sometimes, we're so stressed out with life that we forget to take a moment to pause and breathe

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The truth is that despite our busy schedules and stressful challenges, we can always spare a minute to relax, take a breather, and enjoy the finer moments in life. Sometimes, all it takes is a short pause to clear our minds, because while stress is inevitable, anything is pauseable.

With that in mind, OLDTOWN White Coffee wanted to show Malaysians how they could sit back, relax, and enjoy a short pause at the movies

In partnership with TGV Cinemas, they rained down yellow balloons on unsuspecting moviegoers halfway through the cinema ads

And this got everyone involved, with some whipping out their phones for a photo and others bouncing balloons around the hall

The unexpected balloon drop was the perfect way for everyone to enjoy a good 'pause'. The remarkable thing was that all this took was 45 seconds.

After the movie, everyone also received free OLDTOWN White Coffee to bring home as a reminder to 'pause' during the day

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Watch the full balloon drop experience below:

Ultimately, what OLDTOWN White Coffee wants Malaysians to realise is that Anything Is Pauseable

Even if you're busy at work, rushing an assignment, or stuck in traffic, the choice is up to you to claim back a moment for yourself. If we're really honest with ourselves, many of our "urgent" tasks can wait a minute or two. Instead of bulldozing your way through everything, it's often better to take a pause.

And what better way to take a pause than with your favourite cup of OLDTOWN White Coffee?

The great thing about OLDTOWN White Coffee is that you can bring it wherever you go, allowing you to take a pause any time you need one. 

Wondering what type of coffee suits you the best for your pause? Take the Find Your Pause quiz to discover your flavour today!

Keep your eyes peeled the next time you go for a movie at TGV Cinemas, cause there might just be another surprise 'pause' awaiting you! For more information on OLDTOWN White Coffee's Anything Is Pauseable campaign, check out their website here.

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