These Orang Asli Women Learned How To Sew From Scratch And Are Generating Their Own Income

They even have plans to make uniforms with their own logo.

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In Kampung Sungai Cincin, a group of Orang Asli women of the Temiar tribe are being empowered through sewing classes

The Village Adoption Programme started by Menteri Besar Perak Incorporated (MB Inc.) continues to advocate for the well-being of the Orang Asli community in the state. With women empowerment as one of its main pillars, this programme seeks to improve and develop the lives of the Orang Asli community through vocational training.

Earlier in the year, MB Inc. brought in instructors to teach these Orang Asli women sewing skills that would help them generate an income for their families

The sewing classes were hands-on and interactive, with even the young ones getting involved. A total of seven Orang Asli women took part in this particular programme, and this group is now known as Team Ceknik, since 'ceknik' means sewing in the native Temiar language.

Besides providing classes, MB Inc. also sponsored new sewing machines to the Orang Asli community at Kampung Sungai Cincin

Since then, Team Ceknik has been tasked to come up with 500 sets of school uniforms for Perak students the next school year

Even though most of the women from Team Ceknik did not have prior experience, they have gained confidence in their skills in the past four months and willingly took up the challenge. Due to their overwhelming progress, MB Inc. even has plans to place logos on each school uniform made by Team Ceknik.

Meanwhile, the Tok Batin (village head) of Kampung Sungai Cincin, Panjang Aris Wok, 56, said the programme provided many opportunities for the villagers to gain knowledge and improve their living standards

“I have seen the activities that were carried out and should it be held continuously, I believe my people here including the children can go further and improve themselves,” he said, adding there are about 400 people in his village.

Around a 20-minute drive from Kampar, Kampung Sungai Cincin is just one of many Orang Asli villages that have been adopted through the Village Adoption Programme

Kampung Sungai Cincin, Chenderiang, 35300

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Find out more about how you can support the Village Adoption Programme or purchase the Team Ceknik school uniforms by contacting MB Inc. today!

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