Here Is One Thing Most Malaysians Forget To Do When Paying With Their Debit Cards

This is especially true at restaurants and grocery stores! :O

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When it comes to paying for things, little can beat the convenience of going cashless

Checking out with your debit or credit card is easier and faster. And, it comes in handy whether you use it while shopping or paying bills, be it online or in-store.

What's more, while QR payments and e-wallets are great, a nice thing about paying with cards, specifically debit cards, is that more people can benefit from it.

Since there isn't a learning curve to using them, those who are older or find it difficult to use a mobile device are less likely to be left behind as e-payments become more popular.

However, there is one thing that most Malaysians forget or fail to do when they pay with their debit cards, which is... checking the bill!

Ever ate out, paid for your food, and later discovered your bill came out higher than expected?

This usually happens when restaurants or merchants impose an additional fixed amount, like a percentage of the total bill, on consumers who pay with cards.

As merchants are not permitted to impose surcharge fees for payments using debit cards, it's a good habit to check your receipts for such surcharges because it typically will not show up in your bank statement.

With this in mind, Pay With Debit has a new awareness campaign to help Malaysians, and it's called Tap, Check, and Go!

Image via Pay With Debit

With Malaysia working towards becoming an entirely cashless society in the coming years, it means you no longer have to carry around large amounts of money, nor do you have to keep exact change on hand for smaller purchases.

Talk about hassle-free, right? Besides being convenient, Pay With Debit wants to remind you of the campaign's tagline Tap, Check, and Go!, which may come in useful when you pay with your debit card.

You can tap and pay easily with your debit card these days, but what may sometimes get overlooked are the details in your receipt. So, to prevent paying additional card surcharges, make sure to check the amount of your bill before you confirm any payments.  

As an alternative to cash, debit cards offer a list of other perks too

1. Easy access
- Make less trips to the ATM and reduce the need to carry cash

2. Quicker checkouts
- Experience faster and more efficient retail experiences

3. Enhanced safety
- Pin requirement for transactions above RM250 minimises the risk of losses when your card getting stolen

From contactless payments to helping you keep better track of your spending, a debit card can be a great payment medium for you

Image via Pay With Debit

Debit cards are linked to your savings or current account, which means you'll not only be more likely to spend within your means, but also keep better track of your expenses.

On top of protected and secure banking, you can enjoy other features such as contactless payment, which helps minimise physical contact with just a tap of a card.

And, depending on your bank, your debit card could earn you extra rewards and discounts when you shop or dine at selected locations, as well as give you cashbacks, online rebates, and more. Just check your bank's website or social media platforms for the latest promotions.

The next time you pay with your debit card, remember to double check your bill before confirming your payment!

Find out more benefits of using a debit card at Pay With Debit's website. You can also keep up to date with the latest news and promotions through Pay With Debit's Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter.

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