[PHOTOS] Here's A Sneak Peek Into Genting SkyWorlds Theme Park

The theme park's head recently shared a preview of what to expect.

Cover image via @greg_pearn (Instagram)

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The highly anticipated Genting SkyWorlds theme park, which was set to open in the middle of this year, has delayed its launch yet again due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation in the country

Although its opening needs to be put on hold for now, Resort World Genting's Head of Theme Parks and Experiences Greg Pearn recently shared a sneak peek into the new theme park to get you excited about what to expect.

The 26-acre theme park will feature 26 rides and attractions, including roller coasters and water rides, in nine movie-inspired worlds

The themes include:
1. Eagle Mountain
2. Central Park
3. Liberty Lane
4. Robots Rivet Town
5. Andromeda Base
6. Ice Age
7. Studio Plaza
8. Epic
9. Rio

Several weeks ago, he showed them testing out some of the rides for the first time.

Along with the rides, there are also going to be a number of themed restaurants in the area.

In fact, the park is said to be as large as 19 football fields – enough to accommodate up to 20,000 visitors.

Pearn, who has visited over 260 theme parks around the world and oversaw the opening of Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park and The VOID, indicated that there will be entries similar to 'FastPass' at Disney's theme parks, a service that allows visitors to skip long queues.

He also answered questions about some of the rides, adding that he's excited for visitors to try them all to see which they like the best

Excited? Let's do our part to curb this pandemic so we can all enjoy theme parks again!

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