19 Primary School Memories Every Malaysian Can Relate To

"I don't want to 'friend' you anymore!"

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Primary school is where some of the fondest memories were made

It was where we made our first best friend, had our first BFF fight, and first crush. We may have hated going to school back then, but you got to admit that those were really fun times. 

Here are some of them that all Malaysians can definitely relate to:

1. Greeting teachers with "Selamat pagi, cikgu" everyday

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2. Making your first friends there

You usually end up being really good friends with the person who sat next to you, and you'll do everything together. 

3. 'Breaking up' with one of them because of something small

4. ... and then became friends again after one day

Girl A: "I'll never fight with you anymore T_T"
Girl B: "Me too! Friends forever!"


5. You had your first crush too <3


6. There's one teacher whom everyone is afraid of

Legend has it (and you still believe it till today) that this teacher can spot a naughty student from a block away. 

And you'll never forget that death stare...


7. We sometimes passed secret messages in ninja mode

Because some messages are really urgent and cannot wait till recess. 

8. ... and then got punished for it when we're caught

That's when you realised your ninja skills need a level-up session.

9. We tend to fill up our Buku Program Nilam at the last minute

Those who update their Buku Program Nilam regularly are those who really want the prizes. The rest will just copy from each other (shhh).

10. We take 'chup' tiang really seriously

Yes, we really loved our tiangs

11. Remember the times we learned how to brush our teeth beside the longkang?

12. Pretty sure we didn't cry when we got our BCG injection

13. The most epic party for us back then was Hari Kanak-Kanak

Still the best day of our lives

We used to wish everyday can be Hari Kanak-Kanak because it's a full day of food, games, and most of the time we'll end up bringing home bags of snacks :D

14. And our favourite class was kelas komputer

Because we could sneakily play computer games at the back.

15. Where we learned how to use the grandfather of pendrives

It's called a floppy disk, kids.

16. Then there's that haunted toilet nobody would use...

Every school has this toilet that everyone says is haunted. And it's usually the girls' toilet.

17. We were super nervous sitting for the first major exam in our lives

18. Before the year ended, we'd ask our friends to write in our 'biodata book'

Do you still have yours?

19. We also cried a lot during graduation ceremony :(

All of a sudden, six years felt too short. We cried because we won't be seeing each other so often anymore, and we'll miss our friends badly. 

We still do :(

But no matter what, you'll remember those friendships throughout your life

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