Self Doubt Is Something We All Struggle With. Find Out How Farah Ann Overcomes The Feeling

As the new face of Rexona, the athlete is inspiring Malaysians to move beyond their limits through #RexonaMoveBrightNow.

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Rexona.

It can be said that, sometimes, our biggest enemy is ourselves

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This is especially true when it comes to doing things we're not yet familiar with, be it cycling and other sporty activities, taking on a new responsibility at work, or simply enjoying a new hobby with a bestie.

For many, it's easy to get self-conscious, allowing self-doubt to sneakily creep up and not only throw us off our game, but also spook us from trying things we may find enjoyable.

Drawing on her personal experience, Malaysian gymnast Farah Ann aims to encourage everyone to move beyond their limits through a short film called #RexonaMoveBrightNow

Rexona is a firm believer that the power of movement can transform lives, regardless of who you are or how you move. As long as you keep trying, you're already halfway there, amirite?

According to Rexona, nothing should ever hold us back because every move we make is a bright move. Serving as an inspiration, Farah Ann, who's the new face of the brand, gives Malaysians a glimpse into how she navigates instances of self doubt. 

Watch the #RexonaMoveBrightNow short film below:

As a national artistic gymnast, Farah Ann's many accomplishments speak for themselves

Naturally, all that success does not come without some major challenges

Like many of us, Farah's inner critic can be harsh, but by breaking down the goal into bite-sized pieces, and taking it one step at a time, she manages to push through all the noise

In the end, Farah proves that to get to success, even the best of us must coach ourselves to ignore the doubting voices in our head

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The good news? Rexona is giving away prizes worth up to RM10,000 through the #RexonaMoveBrightNow contest, from 1 September to 15 October, yay!

Image via Rexona

And it's fun and easy to join too. Remember that inspiring short film with Farah Ann? You can show how you overcome self-doubt and push yourself out of your comfort zone.

All you gotta do to participate is submit a photo or video of yourself trying something new that challenges your limits.

Here's a closer look:

Step 1: Take a photo or video of yourself trying something new that challenges your limits.
Step 2: Upload it on your social media, and tag the Rexona Malaysia Official Page on Facebook and TikTok. Make sure you add the hashtag #RexonaMoveBrightNow, and that your profile is set to public. 

Wanna try your hand at bouldering and overcome your fear of heights? Or maybe it's trying public speaking for the first time?

You can share whatever activity that once was intimidating, but now makes you feel empowered. <3

Ready to feel empowered through movement? Find out more about #RexonaMoveBrightNow on Rexona's website today!

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