The Curve's Kampung-Themed Raya Decor Includes A Rustic House, Vintage Bicycles & More

Balik kampunggggg! Oh oh oh balik kampunggggg!

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One of the best parts of Raya is definitely getting to balik kampung!

There's nothing like getting to spend time with family members that you don't get to see often and celebrating the festive season together. Plus, it's nice to be able to get away from our hectic city life for a bit, and enjoy the simplicities of kampung life.

While the time for you to start your balik kampung journeys is still about a month away, you can still experience the kampung atmosphere right here in the city

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This year, the Curve's Raya campaign is themed 'Kenangan Manisku', and is set to evoke all the fond nostalgic memories of your carefree childhood days.

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From 3 May to 6 June 2016, the Centre Court will be transformed into an authentic kampung scene, complete with a traditional house decorated with illustrated finishing and all kinds of familiar kampung surroundings.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic street art of Penang, vibrant and detailed watercolour drawings will be used to create the wooden facade on the exterior walls of the kampung house structure

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You'll be able to fully immerse yourself into an authentic village scene, as the rustic yellow-brown kampung house will be surrounded by vintage bicycles and large shady trees. Both these elements will also be featuring the same illustration method, bringing the scene to life in a totally unique way.

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Don't miss out on this chance to take lots of gorgeous photos - you can even make it look like you're blending in with the illustrated decor!

Enjoy a blast from the past by playing traditional games like congkak, baling selipar, batu seremban, and kaki panjang

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Just grab the game props from the Centre Court on weekends and have fun reliving your childhood with all the games we grew up playing! Those who need a refresher on how the games are played can refer to the illustrated instruction panels as a guide.

Don't forget to catch the specially choreographed 'Kenangan Manis Musical'

Photo used for illustration purposes only.

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This exciting performance will depict villagers merrymaking and playing traditional games, in sync with upbeat and festive Malay tunes. It will be taking place twice a day at 2pm and 5pm, every weekend and on public holidays throughout the campaign period.

Plus, you'll be able to get rewards for doing your Raya shopping!

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What you'll be eligible to redeem depends on how much you spend. Spending a minimum of RM480 in a maximum of two receipts will allow you to redeem a beautiful Nostalgia Kole Air set, while spending a minimum of RM180 in maximum of two receipts will let you redeem festive Raya packets.

If you're a Boost user, you can get an instant rebate of RM10 by spending RM50 at participating outlets.

Stay tuned to the Curve's Facebook and Instagram for more updates on all the Raya celebrations and promos

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