4 Features Of The MINI Electric That Make It Irresistibly Fun To Drive

The MINI Electric starts from RM1,646 a month, including one-year unlimited public charging.

Cover image via MINI

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This Spotlight is sponsored by MINI.

If there's one thing people love about the MINI, it's how fun the car feels behind the steering wheel. Well, now, you can enjoy that same experience while driving the MINI Electric.

Image via MINI

The MINI Electric is compact and nimble, making it easy for you to manoeuvre through tight spaces or city traffic, and park in small spaces with ease. The car is also known for its responsive handling — you can feel every turn of the steering wheel as if it's an extension of your body, making it a really fun drive.

Sporting the original and iconic MINI design, the  MINI electric car fuses legendary go-kart feeling, distinctive design, and premium quality with local emissions-free driving. In other words, you're getting the full MINI experience, all while being friendly to the environment.

Image via MINI

Design-wise, the MINI Electric features dynamic lines and a crisp, clean style, with striking energetic yellow accents on the side mirrors and Power Spoke Wheels. Plus, its distinctive headlights are complemented by the new eye-catching side scuttles that house LED indicators and the yellow 'S' logo.

On the interior, the MINI Electric has a retro and sporty look, layered with soft Walknappa leather. It also features an 8.8-inch circular infotainment screen, along with a digital instrument cluster behind the wheel, which shows you the speed, charge range, and trip data. As for audio, you can expect an immersive listening experience thanks to its 12-speaker Harman Kardon sound system.

If you're worried about potential downsides to owning an all-electric car, be it less power or less range, fret not.

Here are a few features of the MINI Electric that make it a joy to drive:

1. You can get your MINI Electric charged to 80% in just 36 minutes

Image via MINI

Tired of waiting around? The fun times don't need to stop when you're driving the MINI Electric.

It's a myth that all-electric cars always take forever to charge. All it takes is 36 minutes of direct current (DC) charging to get your car sufficiently charged and back on the road. Just grab a cup of coffee, give your hair a trim, or stop by for an express manicure, and before you know it, your MINI Electric will be good to go!

P.S. Purchasing the MINI Electric will come with a free MINI wallbox charger, which you can install at home. Plus, you'll get access to one-year unlimited public charging (for a quick boost).

2. Driving the MINI Electric is just as fun, if not more fun, than driving a regular MINI

Image via MINI

One of the main concerns is that electric cars may not perform as well as their petrol counterparts.

Despite being an all-electric car, the MINI Electric still retains the signature go-kart feel that's synonymous with MINI, making zipping through traffic in the city much easier, and way more fun.

It also gives you full torque immediately — the moment you press the accelerator pedal, the torque kicks in instantly to deliver thrilling agility and stirring acceleration.

3. One full charge on the MINI Electric will give you more than enough range for a fun day out

Image via MINI

How much range do you really need for commuting within the city? 30km, 50km, or maybe 100km?

Well, the MINI Electric can hit 234km on a single charge, so there's no need for any range anxiety, even if you're planning for a full day of fun activities. In fact, the MINI Electric can handle more than a typical home-to-office route within Kuala Lumpur or the Klang Valley. You can even make a round trip to Genting Highlands, Sekinchan, and Port Dickson from the Klang Valley!

4. The MINI Electric is plain fast, and it's better for the environment

Image via MINI

Contrary to popular belief, an all-electric car like the MINI Electric drives just as fast as a petrol car. In fact, it is faster off the mark because there's no gear shift lag, allowing you to get access to all 270Nm of its torque and go from 0-100 km/h in 7.3 seconds.

Plus, you'll get to enjoy all this power with zero carbon emissions, giving you less stress, more fun.

Ultimately, driving a MINI is an experience like no other, and the MINI Electric delivers on that front.

For a limited time, you'll get to enjoy great deals on the MINI Electric, starting from RM1,646 per month.

In terms of financing, you can choose between Straight Line Financing from 0.98% interest* or Easy Drive Financing from RM1,646 per month*. There are also high rebates available, so make sure you check in with your MINI sales representative to find out more.

Every purchase of the MINI Electric comes with one-year unlimited public charging nationwide with the largest charging network in Malaysia — Jom Charge and chargEV. Last but not least, as mentioned, you'll receive a free MINI wallbox charger too!

*Terms and conditions apply.

Ready to go electric with MINI? Head over to your nearest showroom or visit this website to find out more.

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