This Cat Tower & Scratching Frame Will Make Your Judgy Kitty Maybe Love You A Bit More

Or it'll smell it then settle for the box it came in instead.

Cover image via Shopee & sherli2506/Shopee

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Cat owners know the pains and joys of owning a kitty. We adore them but the affection isn't always reciprocated, and that's okay — they still deserve all the love.

Treats and cuddles aren't the only ways you can shower them with care.

This cat tower and scratcher is another way to show your pet you adore them. 

Image via Shopee

There are two cute designs you can get: a cactus with a flower or a cloud with stars

The cactus design comes with a scratching pole and dangling pom poms for your kitty to play with, as well as two platform 'beds' that your cat can chill on.

Here are some review photos:

Image via byiysah_/Shopee

The second design has a variety of styles, such as two or three platforms for your kitty to nap on with hanging stars, moons, and a pom pom for them to play with

The scratching base will either be on the second platform or the bottom level, depending on which style you get. Three of the four designs also come with a small hideout for cats that value their privacy.

Image via Shopee
Image via Shopee

Here are a couple of review photos from customers:

Image via Shopee

Both cat towers cost around RM80 to RM85.90 for the basic design.

The price of the other cloud design styles range between RM100 and RM140.

Here's where you can buy them:
– Cloud 

Here's another fun way to keep your kitty occupied for RM8:

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