Check Out Stylish Streetwear & Feast On Yummy Eats At Tiger Beer's Virtual Festival

You can snag limited edition street food-inspired merch from popular streetwear brands!

Cover image via Tiger Beer Malaysia (Provided to SAYS)

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This Spotlight is sponsored by Tiger Beer Malaysia.

To elevate the experience of fans around the country, the Tiger Beer Street Food Virtual Festival is back this year, presenting an epic collision of street food and streetwear for Malaysian fans

In 2020, the first-of-its-kind online festival invited Malaysians into a vibrant and fun-filled virtual world where they could indulge in delectable street food varieties, drink ice-cold Tiger Beers, play fun games, and enjoy rewards, all from the comfort of their own homes.

This year, the festival brings back more excitement with added streetwear flair

Visitors coming into the virtual world can expect an elevated street food experience, with over 100 street food vendors to choose from, and amazing Tiger Beer promos to be enjoyed on the side.

For those wanting to have a little fun, there are also a couple of exciting and rewarding games where you can earn Tiger Coins that go towards vouchers which can be used to purchase food, drinks, and merchandise inside the virtual world.

But let's talk about the main attraction first: All the limited-edition street swag you can get your hands on!

As previously mentioned, this year's Tiger Street Food Virtual Festival celebrates the coming together of street food and streetwear — two things hugely loved by trendy Malaysians in 2021.

Centred around Xperience the Xtraordinary, Tiger Beer partnered up with some of Malaysia's favorite streetwear labels to bring you specially-curated, limited edition street food-inspired merch. This includes popular brands such as Pestle & Mortar Clothing (PMC), The Swagger Salon, TNTCO, Dissyco, EK, and Eversince.

An exciting feature of this year's festival is the Hypefeast Drops, through which a unique item from each of the labels will be available for a limited time each week. Meaning that once they're gone, you'll no longer be able to snag them.

Each week, streetwear aficionados can expect to cop these limited-edition creations from individual labels, each one representing a Malaysian street food dish that you know and love.

All you need to do is visit the Hype Store within the virtual world and pick out your favorite limited-edition streetwear merch. Then, just checkout, and the item will be sent right to your doorstep. It's that simple!

Without spoiling the fun, here's what you can expect from the Hypefeast Drops and the food they're repping:

1. EK Collection — Chicken Wings

"Grilled to perfection, one just isn't enough with these glorious Chicken Wings. That's why we've incorporated this classic street food dish into our signature Couple Magnetic Bracelet. Thanks to your support, you can now own a pair of bracelets decked out in bling with a cubic stone in the pendant area. Now that's a 'wing-wing' situation! Ready? Set? Dig in!"

- EK Collection

2. Eversince — Pork Noodles

"Printed on our sweater are familiar porcelain rooster bowls, stacked to signify an endless cycle of enjoying tantalising Pork Noodles. Soaked in umami broth, this street food pairs perfectly with Tiger Beer and is what every meat lover's soul needs. The character '虎' on our chopsticks symbolises the fearless love and constant craving for a wholesome bowl of Pork Noodles. Slurp away!"

- Eversince

3. PMC — Fried Noodles

"Central to the experience of a piping hot plate of Fried Noodles are the skills of the chef, a well-seasoned wok, and the technique of controlling the stove heat to achieve the perfect 'wok hei' taste. We featured the signature wok technique onto our graphic tee and bucket hat to highlight the level of expertise required to create this exquisite street food. Time to chow down some chow mian!"


4. The Swagger Salon — Curry Mee

"We paid homage to one of Penang's best-loved delicacies — Curry Mee — by injecting our brand's signature attitude to present two Curry Mee-inspired pieces: A graphic tee and a canvas tote bag. Be sure to enjoy it with an ice-cold Tiger Beer 'cause things are about to get heated up!"

- The Swagger Salon

5. Dissyco — Claypot Chicken Rice

"We picked one of Malaysia's iconic street food dishes, Claypot Chicken Rice, as an inspiration for our sweatshirt. This slightly-charred and flavourful dish is the epitome of what true street food tastes like. The design concept uses pixels, a nostalgic form of art, to mimic a Claypot Chicken Rice restaurant. We're paying homage to this authentic dish while embracing it in our modern times. Feast mode ON!"

- Dissyco

6. TNTCO — Chicken Rice

"Inspired by the holy grail of street food, Chicken Rice, we used Chinese vintage graphic elements in our streetwear design to invoke a sense of street food nostalgia. From the glistening rice to the tender, juicy chicken, the graphics on this shirt show a delectable plate of Chicken Rice that's ready to be devoured!"


If you somehow aren't able to cop your favorite drops, worry not, as you'll also be able to grab other sweet streetwear items from the same labels, most of which will be available throughout the festival

And as if you couldn't get enough swag in the real world, the Tiger Street Food Virtual Festival also amps up the vibes in the virtual world by allowing you to set up your avatar with streetwear-inspired clothes and accessories

That way, you'll look the part when hanging out with other festival-goers!

Remember those earnable Tiger Coins we mentioned earlier? You can also use them to pick up even more streetwear pieces for your avatar and stand out from the crowd.

Similar to an online game, you can personalize your look with streetwear flair as you enter the virtual world. Once you're in and about, you can also take OOTD snapshots of your virtual avatar at the designated photo wall to show off your style on social media.

If you're hungry, don't forget there'll be over 100 food vendors from around Malaysia that you can pick from!

Sweet and Sour Pork Rice and Deep Fried Namyu Pork Belly from Yilo Restaurant & Bar

Image via SAYS

They'll be offering selections of their best street food dishes, ranging from fried chicken to bak kut teh, and even burgers.

To enjoy yummy eats and take part in Tiger's effort to boost the local street food scene, you can simply click on the F&B section in the virtual world, set an address, and then place an order at any of these eateries (must be within a 10km radius from your residential address). Your food will be sent directly to your doorstep, yay!

And in case you're feeling thirsty, anyone wanting to pair their eats with some refreshing, ice-cold Tiger Beer can do so by ordering from event partner Drinkies, with a bunch of offers available for those wanting to elevate their street food experience!

Feeling pumped already? It'll probably excite you even more to know that this year's Tiger Street Food Festival will be available for residents living in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Penang, Ipoh, and Johor Bahru — much bigger than last year's affair!

The festival will be available for visitors on both mobile and desktop, and will run for six weeks from 12 November to 19 December on Thursdays to Sundays from 11am to 9pm.

To check out the festival for yourself, head on over to the event page and stand a chance to earn a free can of Tiger Crystal, while stocks last

As a reminder, the legal drinking age in Malaysia is 21 years old. That means you need to be 21 and non-Muslim in order to buy and consume alcohol. Remember to always drink responsibly and in moderation. If you plan to drink, try carpooling with a friend who isn't drinking or catch a cab instead of driving.

Written by: Dale John Wong

This article originally appeared on Mashable SE Asia, with rights to be republished on SAYS.

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