Victoria's Secret Is Giving 25% Off All Bras When You Get A Free Fitting In-Store

It's bras for daaays!

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The struggle to find the perfect bra is real

If you've ever been in search of the perfect bra, you would know just how difficult it is to find the right one. It either fits weird, doesn't flatter your bust, or is just super uncomfortable. You can never win. 

Should finding the right bra be this difficult? :(

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Well, the Victoria's Secret Bra Fit can give you exactly what you need!

You no longer have to agak-agak your size 'cause their bra experts will help get your perfect fit. Say goodbye to bras that are too loose or tight in all the wrong places!

Here's what makes Victoria's Secret special:

1. They have so many beautiful designs to suit women of all ages

You no longer have to worry 'bout shopping for bras in age appropriate shops 'cause Victoria's Secret has got you covered. They provide a wide range of selections that will keep both you and mom really happy. It's bras for daaays <3

2. They have a bra for every occasion you could think of. Talk about range!

Since people come in different shapes and sizes, being picky about what you choose to put on your body is understandable. No matter what online shops tell you, one size does not fit all.

Victoria's Secret has an impressive range of silhouettes, including pushup, demi, perfect coverage, perfect shape, wireless, unlined, and even bralettes. Now you can get both your sports bras and strapless bras at the same place!

3. Bra. So. Comfortable. Is this what quality feels like?

How many times have you been poked by the underwires of your bra? Well, the poking ends now. Victoria's Secret's innovative bra technology supports embedded wires that will leave you pain-free. Their bras also have memory foam to keep you feeling comfortable all day long.

But the real kick is that you can now say bye-bye to all your back-fat 'cause their bras come with smoothing wings that will leave your back looking flawless. Bodycon dresses no longer have to be your enemy, flaunt that back sis!

4. They have a bra size for everyone

Ever bought the wrong sized bra just because it's cute? Well, wearing the wrong size bra is not only uncomfortable, it can also affect your posture in the long run.

Victoria's Secret bras come in a wide range of sizes.  The Victoria's Secret line has sizes from 32A to 38DDD, while the PINK line ranges from 32A to 36DD. 

Pro-tip: As your body changes, so does your bust. So don't forget to do your bra fit every six months to keep yourself comfortable in the right bra! 

Get 25% off on all full priced bras when you get fitted for your perfect bra at Victoria's Secret

Don't miss out on this deal and head to Victoria's Secret in Mid Valley, Sunway Pyramid, or Pavilion to try out Bra Fit until 31 March 2020.

The Mid Valley outlet is the biggest Victoria's Secret in Malaysia, so you'll also be able to check out a full assortment of intimates and sleepwear there.

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