Top 20 Most Viral SAYS Stories Of 2015

As we bid 2015 a final goodbye, it's time to take a look at some of the top SAYS stories that went viral this year, with the criteria being a story crossing the 125K PVs mark.

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1. Mark Zuckerberg and his claims of "donating" his fortune to "charity". It's another matter, though, that his "donation" isn't going to a "charitable trust.". Total PVs: 1,513,690

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2. When a Malaysian guy called Scyler had all of us in fits by turning innocent subway station names in Hong Kong into really, really good puns. Total PVs: 333,094

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3. A 15-year-old from Thailand took the Internet by storm with his avant-garde fashion sense so strong, even Anna Wintour would look like a plain Jane. Total PVs: 298,078

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4. We told you about 8 everyday things that you didn't know were actually invented by Malaysians and you loved it. Total PVs: 262,066

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5. Before GST kicked in, we gave you a list of 17 things you should do (and we are hoping you did). Total PVs: 252,508

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6. After telling you about everyday things invented by Malaysians, we told you about 12 famous people in the world you probably had no idea had Malaysian connections. Total PVs: 244,025

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7. Our coverage of all the unsettling truths about corruption in Malaysia uncovered by Sarawak Report became the most read story in the local news category. Total PVs: 212,758

8. We introduced a list of 6 Malaysian companies promising a fulfilling career, immense growth opportunities, and most importantly, fun. Total PVs: 210,106

9. In our quest to make information easy to grasp, we published a list of all the basic legal rights a citizen in Malaysia has. Total PVs: 203,020

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10. To show just how much love Malaysia is getting from Hollywood, Bollywood and Oriental cinema, we published a list of 10 movies that were filmed here. Total PVs: 171,081

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11. When the country was reeling with the haze problem, we published some mind-blowing photos showing the pre-haze Malaysia, in all its glorious beauty. Total PVs: 163,587

12. While countries like Thailand and Vietnam gaining popularity among Malaysians seeking vacations, we introduced a list of some of the most breathtaking places in Malaysia to remind how beautiful our home country truly is. Total PVs: 161,658

13. To show how there are opportunities in every crisis, we gave you a list of 4 ways you could take advantage of the weak Ringgit. Total PVs: 160,126

14. In the aftermath of the quake that shook Mt Kinabalu, this story about the local heroes who came to the rescue was loved by our readers. Total PVs: 151,138

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15. Our fresh list of florists in Malaysia you could call up for modern, rustic bouquets was well received among our readers. Total PVs: 145,731

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16. After a man escaped rape charges of a minor because he used his finger, Putrajaya was pressured to widen the definition of rape so 'finger rape' loophole doesn't repeat. Total PVs: 144,564

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17. When Ahmad Zahid Hamidi was made the new DPM, we took a look at all the attention-grabbing news over the past 2 years that he made. Total PVs: 137,935

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18. Our story on the overnight hype for salted egg yolk croissants in SS2 showed how social media fails by brands are always well received. Total PVs: 128,803

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19. Our story about the 21-year-old girl who become a target of a public masturbator in SS15 generated quite a number of footfalls on the site. Total PVs: 128,528

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20. Back when "hot vendors" were trending, our list of the 5 hottest vendors in Asia who were made famous by social media fans made it big. Total PVs: 126,357

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Meanwhile here's our final list of all the year-end stories:

Thank you for all the love and support throughout 2015.

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