15 Most Viral SAYS Makan Stories Of 2015 Because We #LIVETOEAT!

2015 has been a yummylicious year.

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The stories listed below are the most shared stories of 2015 under our SAYS Makan column


1. NEW CAFES IN KLANG VALLEY: Our annual cafe list has always been a hit, and this year is no exception. Curating over 15 cafes around Klang Valley back in July, this list will satisfy any caffeine-craving urbanite.

The meteoric rise of cafe culture in Malaysia has been evident this year, with coffee cafes mushrooming all across the country. From Aether Cafe's very comfortable and cozy environment to Olfactory Bulb's alcoholic coffee cocktails, this is bound to be a cafe that will cater to your liking.

Shared by 26,000+ cafe hoppers.

2. BEST CHOC BROWNIES: Be it the good ol' basic ones or the ones dripped with vanilla ice cream, this list will satisfy your cravings for all things chocolatey.

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Brownies are a classic American baked dessert bar that will satisfy any sweet tooth. A cross between cake and cookie in texture, these portable desserts are sinfully good.

Shared by 6,000+ brownie lovers.

3. SALTED EGG YOLK CRAZE: The visually sinful molten 'ham dan' croissant from SS2's Le Bread Days shot to viral fame recently, but there are more equally delicious salted egg croissants you could try out in this list

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One of the latest to hit our shores is the obsession over any dish with salted egg yolk sauce. Sweet or savoury, the salted egg flavour seems to pair well with everything!

Shared by 5,500+ salted egg fanatics.

4. MUST-VISIT PENANG CAFES: It's not just Klang Valley that's booming with coffee culture. Penang, the pearl of the orient is not only famous with wall painting, but now with various of cafes that serve nice coffee too!

Though there are still lots of traditional old Chinese cafes left which serve cheap coffee and snacks, these trendy essential staples of urban life stand out for their quirky interior designs, some of which use elements of cultural novelties to help them stand out.

Shared by 4,600+ coffee lovers.

5. SALTED CARAMEL GOODNESS: The combination of salty and sweet has always been a pleasing partnership, so it’s no surprise that the salted caramel flavor is a hot trend and a great way to add interesting flavour to snacks and desserts

Salted caramel is everywhere these days and with good reason. The creamy, buttery sweet decadence of caramel gets taken to a whole new level of awesome with just a little sprinkle of salt. It's truly the ultimate salty and sweet treat.


6. SAMBAL RECIPES: Sambal belacan is an indispensable condiment in Malaysian cuisine - no meal is complete without it! But do you know how to whip up a batch of spicy sambal belacan?

Aside from the traditional sambal belacan, we've listed out recipes on how to make cincalok, kuah kacang and budu! Make sure you learn the recipes by heart, so that you can impress your relatives in the next cook-out.

Shared by 44,000+ sambal enthusiasts.

7. NYONYA-STYLED SALADS: Because it’s hard to say no to a good mango kerabu salad with a spicy kick!

The recipes listed require easily-sourced ingredients that can be found in your homes. Comprising of simple ingredients, this salad is perfect served cold. Think tangy, sweet, refreshing and spicy all combined in one colourful dish.

Shared by 23,000+ salad lovers.

8. DURIAN 101: How to avoid getting conned at a durian stall? Our ultimate guide will prep you for the next durian season!

For starters, if the durian has no smell at all, chances are it's not ripe. If it smells really strong, chances are it's overripe. When you get your nose close to the fruit, you should experience a low level, earthy yet sulfurous smell, like fresh cut grass and scrambled eggs.

Shared by 3,000+ durian fans. We published a story for anti-durian Malaysians too, but obviously it wasn’t as popular ;)

9. THE CRAZY MAC & CHEESE VIDEO!: We had too much fun with the calories...

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We decided to some salted egg yolks to the already sinful delicious mac & cheese. The recipe is really simple, you can whip one up in no time! Proceed with caution though, you might slip into a salted egg addiction. ;)

10. MILO MADNESS: Anything with Milo is good and easy to make! Time to go beyond your usual ice Milo with these sinful recipes!

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Anything made with Milo would be an instant favourite. What if we told you that you could make a Milo French Toast for your next breakfast?


11. HEALTHY FOOD DELIVERY SERVICES: For busy people who barely have enough time to think of nutritious options. It’s time to eat healthier lunches at work, people!

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From pre-packed dinner boxes delivered to your front door, to meticulously organized meal plans for the entire week, there's something here to make healthy eating easier for everyone.

Shared by 7,500+ health advocates.

12. CHANGE YOUR MAMAK TRIPS: It's time to step up your roti game! In this list, we compiled a variety of lesser known rotis including... Roti Mona Fandey!

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Roti isn't just plain. In our guide, we give you the lowdown on the ten different types of roti you can find at the mamak – from conventional roti canai and roti sardin to the more inventive roti Hawaii and roti Fujima!

Shared by 1,000+ mamak kakis.

13. BEST CHEESE NAANS: We listed down some of Klang Valley's best cheese naans joints that will satisfy cravings you never thought you had!

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From Restoran RSMY's gooey cheese naan to Sri Steven's layers of thick cheese and crunchy crust, you'll be spoiled for choice. Also, you can cross out going on a diet as one of your new year's resolution.

14. MEXICAN FOOD TRUCK: This bright red truck is no stranger to the food truck scene in KL. Curbside Cantina was one of the first food trucks that hit our streets in this new wave, serving up delicious Mexican fare.

The food truck is run by husband-and-wife team: Awangku Irawan aka Tubby and Noreen Ramli. Both are no strangers to the food business. Famous for its Fish Taco, with its winning mix of flavours (salty and spicy) and textures (soft and crunchy), sells out almost every night!

15. HOT DOGS ARE BACK: A childhood favourite, hot dogs are making a comeback - with more than just mustard and ketchup!

Time to relive your childhood days by indulging in Buns and Meat’s succulent BBQ Pork Ribs or try out Nathan's Famous. Hot dogs never looked this good!

Make sure to tune into our weekly SAYS MAKAN column for more up-to-date food trends and all things delicious!

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