16 Of The Best Sponsored Stories On SAYS For 2015

It's been a great year people!

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1. The 16 Most Unforgettable Friends We Grew Up With In School for Nandos

We made an epic throwback and ’tribute’ to our BFFs in school, with 5,381,156 shares and counting!

2. [SAYS VIDEO] What Would Happen If We Gave You ONE MILLION Ringgit? Would You... for Carlsberg

We asked Malaysians what would they do with RM1 million and their answers are quite surprising with 395,303 shares and counting!

3. 11 Ways To Get Memorable Travel Adventures Without Breaking The Bank for HSBC

20,838 Malaysians and counting were inspired, sharing this content that encourages one to go on that adventure they crave, without hurting their pocket.

4. 14 Things You Need To Experience At Least Once When You're In Malacca for Prudential

In line with their "getting more" from Prudential campaign, we showed Malaysians how to get the most out of Malacca with 8,880 shares and counting.

5. 5 Obvious Tell-Tale Signs You're Being Conned By An Article Online for Klik Dengan Bijak

In the age of social media, we tend to share things that aren't true. We helped educate Malaysians to spot out signs which makes an article fake. 8,475 Malaysians and more shared this!

6. 21 Types Of Typical Lectures Our Mum Gave Us As Malaysian Kids for MRCB Land

In conjunction with Mother's Day, we partnered with MRCB Land to bring you the lectures our mom gave us as kids. 8,300 Malaysians and more can relate...

7. Going To The 'Santorini Of Korea' Could Be Your Next Travel Highlight. For Real. for AirAsia

We showcased the wonders of Busan to Malaysians with 6,981 shares and counting!

8. How Did I End Up Paying So Much For My Flight?! for AirAsia

We helped Malaysians understand why prices of flight tickets are expensive and showed what AirAsia is doing to combat this. 6,808 people shared this and more!

9. How Much Does A Professional Race Car Driver Make? for TOC Automotive College

We sat down with Zen Low, a professional race driver to see what it's like behind the wheels! 3,571 shared this and more!

10. The Unspoken Bond A Malaysian Can't Deny Even When Overseas for AirAsia

There's something special by being a Malaysian and 3,107 and more Malaysians seem to agree!

11. The 18 Types Of Friends We Didn't Have Until We Found Them In College for Taylor's College

We meet different kinds of friends in college, and we definitely fit in one of these types...

12. How Much Would It Cost For You To Holiday In The Maldives? for AirAsia

Maldives is always known to be expensive. But does it have to be? We investigate how much it would actually cost for you to holiday in the Maldives.

13. 22 Pictures Of Perfect Handwriting That Will Make You Wonder If They're Real for Samsung

Everyone loves good handwriting and this article proves it!

14. 15 Typical Things That Kiasu Malaysian Parents Do for Zurich

It's all about that #tuitionlife to get straight As...

15. You Know You're Malaysian When You Can Identify With These Travel Quirks And Habits for AirAsia

Malaysians are easy to spot when they're overseas. Don't believe us? Read it for yourselves...

16. Top 10 Must-Visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites Near Malaysia for AirAsia

We're so blessed to near so many UNESCO World Heritage Sites to visit! Have you been to any of them?

Thank YOU readers, we promise to bring better and bigger content for you next year. Stay tuned! ;)

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